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Summer Day Off

And this is when my Summer Days Off become more hectic than actually going to work. First, a double appointment at the vet for Kiwi the Grey and her foster brother, Sigmund.  Both are in excellent health.  A lady in the waiting room, who had adopted… Continue Reading “Summer Day Off”

Going to Hell

At the Library’s Used Book Sale, most of our books are sold at half price. So our inventory of $1.00 books becomes 50 cent books. In addition, we pull everything we have out of storage. We check the prices on to see if… Continue Reading “Going to Hell”

Putting in Some Time

After dinner with my brother’s family Friday night, I headed over to the Library’s Used Book Store.  Glad I did, since I had more sales in 90 minutes than on my average Thursday night shift.  I happened to see in the notes that the… Continue Reading “Putting in Some Time”

A Quiet Night at the Library

And I guess I feel the need to start babbling.  First, the conspiracy against my ever trying to eat better and get some damn exercise: I have long noted that there are a minimal number of places one can walk to for lunch from… Continue Reading “A Quiet Night at the Library”

Save Illinois Libraries

(reprinted from Friends of the Glenview Library’s Used Book Store site of Facebook) The Director at the Library’s Used Book Store pointed me to this article in the TribLocal – the community section of the Chicago Tribune. In summary, it seems that the Illinois… Continue Reading “Save Illinois Libraries”

Saturday Trip to the Library

I ran over to the library today to donate my text book to the cause.  My old textbooks have been earning decent returns on the Used Book Store’s Amazon site.  The regular (termporary/construction) parking lot was completely full so I parked over in the… Continue Reading “Saturday Trip to the Library”

Pushing Facebook

The steering committee for the Used Book Store met today for some review and planning. We talked a lot about the new building and how we will use the space. Then we came to how we will continue to promote it. I don’t know… Continue Reading “Pushing Facebook”

Meanwhile, Back at the Library

I missed the Holiday Sale altogether.  I missed the set up.  The wonderful pulling of every last box out of donations from the closet and being the first person to see them.  I missed sorting them out and making a pile of what I… Continue Reading “Meanwhile, Back at the Library”

Charitable Donations

MSN had an article that involves News to No One – that charitable donations are down again this year. It confirmed something that I had suspected – that the Salvation Army had the bell ringers out early to try to snag a few weeks… Continue Reading “Charitable Donations”

The Bookshelves

Since I had a dangerously high tower of unread books piled on the speaker next to my to-be-read bookcase, and since the Library’s Used Book Sale is in a couple of weeks, I decided to cull.  As in Donating Books I Haven’t Even Read… Continue Reading “The Bookshelves”