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Town Hall

My Congressional district is the Illinois 10th.  We seem to identify as Moderates, which has us sending the following people to Congress: 2010:  Robert Dold – R 2012:  Brad Schneider – D 2014:  Robert Dold – R 2016:  Brad Schneider – D There was… Continue Reading “Town Hall”

Women Hold Up Half the Sky

A couple of weeks ago, I received a program in the mail for a special exhibition at the Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center.  It is called Women Hold Up Half the Sky, and is based on the work Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn… Continue Reading “Women Hold Up Half the Sky”

Discussing Gun Control and Other Important Matters

At a conference last week, I walked in to the hospitality suite to find a group watching Fox News. I almost turned around and left. Somehow, I landed in a discussion about gun control that led to my feverishly Googling for statistics on my… Continue Reading “Discussing Gun Control and Other Important Matters”


Compared to most women over on Twitter right now, I have exceptionally little to complain about.   I have never been raped.  I don’t walk around with any serious fear for my physical safety.  I had kind of chalked it up to the fact… Continue Reading “#YesAllWomen”

At the Bar

To begin at the beginning my boss, G,  and I were at a conference in Boston last Spring.  One night, we went to dinner with some colleagues from our member companies and someone that was not me thought it would be cool to have… Continue Reading “At the Bar”

Sometimes, the System Works

I ran an errand this morning, then went to yoga.  When I was finished, I went back to my car and looked at my phone.  There was a voicemail from an 800 number that turned out to be Amex.  Fraud alert, please call.  So… Continue Reading “Sometimes, the System Works”

Pool Etiquette

I was going to write a nice post with pictures of yesterday’s tour, but this morning’s time at the hotel pool changed my mind.  I don’t spend much time poolside, but in this hotel it is the only good place to sit outside and… Continue Reading “Pool Etiquette”

On Conferences

I was at SHRM, a big city-wide national conference last week.  The sessions were great, the key note speakers were fabulous and I feel like it was totally worth my time and (my employer’s) money. However, I am growing old and judgmental so I… Continue Reading “On Conferences”

HR Nerd Article

The Chicago Tribune ran an article about the changes to Flexible Spending Accounts due to the Health Care legislation.  The biggest deal is that next year, we will not be allowed to submit over-the-counter drugs for reimbursement without a doctor’s prescription.  They printed a… Continue Reading “HR Nerd Article”

Public Service Announcement – For the Ladies

Not long ago, I read an article that said 80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra.  So I went to the Nordstrom Lingerie department for a measurement.  I was one of those women. At dinner with some girlfriends last night, I found that… Continue Reading “Public Service Announcement – For the Ladies”