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Project Linus 2018

Wow.  I have not posted in a long time.  Just popping in to post my Project Linus blankets for 2018:  

Project Linus 2016

I dropped off my last few blanket donations yesterday.  Here they are – 73 in all – for 2016:

Project Linus 2015

The final count for blankets I donated to Project Linus is 105, which makes me rather happy.

Project Linus 2014

It seems I have posted blanket pics exactly one time this year.  So let’s just get this out of the way for the sake of posterity or whatever.  These are blankets 18 – 67, for a total of 67 on the year:

Starting with Project Linus (Because Posting Pics is the Easiest Thing)

Blankets 1 – 17 2014 Please note:  This year I am including both blankets that I made entirely on my own, and those that I started with a foundation row and then handed of to my mother, Kay, to finish:   The multicolored blanket… Continue Reading “Starting with Project Linus (Because Posting Pics is the Easiest Thing)”

Finishing Up Project Linus 2013

I didn’t finish as many blankets as I expected, but that was because I was working on a project for my grandfather’s church.  I will do better next year.  These were the last of 2013: These five were from November.  I couldn’t really tell… Continue Reading “Finishing Up Project Linus 2013”

Blankets 50 – 60

We moved the furniture in the family room, so hopefully the lighting issues will get better with my blanket pics. These were so long ago, I don’t even remember them.  But the Superman one looks like Red Heart White and Cherry Red.  Perhaps that… Continue Reading “Blankets 50 – 60”

Blankets 37 – 49

Hm.  Seems to have been a long time.  And all I have today is a log of Project Linus blankets: I couldn’t begin to recall the yarn I used for the fleece blankets, but the granny square blanket below was Red Heart with Love… Continue Reading “Blankets 37 – 49”

Blankets 34 -36 2013

We’ve had several Project Linus events going on and coming up, so here are my most recent blankets.  We begin with my first granny square blanket ever: The yarn is Lion Brand’s Vanna White Baby yarn in Little Boy Blue and Lamb.  The last… Continue Reading “Blankets 34 -36 2013”

Blankets 28 – 33 2013

All these posts to do and all I can manage is the Project Linus stuff.  On the far left is a fleece with guitars on it edged in Red Heart Soft White and Red Hear Cherry Red.  Next is a solid black with appliqued… Continue Reading “Blankets 28 – 33 2013”