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My Own Private Mind Tricks

(I am going to write about the vacation, I swear.  But I really want to get this out.) I read a lot of personal finance stuff online.  A lot. I don’t actually learn a heckuva lot these days, because the truth is that saving… Continue Reading “My Own Private Mind Tricks”

Sometimes, the System Works

I ran an errand this morning, then went to yoga.  When I was finished, I went back to my car and looked at my phone.  There was a voicemail from an 800 number that turned out to be Amex.  Fraud alert, please call.  So… Continue Reading “Sometimes, the System Works”

The Real Year End Summary

One of the better things about using credit cards is that I know exactly where all my money goes.  When I bother to look, which is once a year.  For some chuckles and the official record, here are some highlights: Gasoline: $2,002.42 My mother… Continue Reading “The Real Year End Summary”

Financial Happiness

MSN had a good article:  5 Financial Habits That Will Make You Happy. The article opens with a statistic that I heard no long ago: “happiness rises as household income does up to about $75,000 ..but beyond that more money won’t make you happier”I… Continue Reading “Financial Happiness”

Saving for Retirement

I read a lot of articles about retirement. A lot. Occupational hazard. But MSN Money had one that made me think. 6 Smart Ways to Save for Retirement was the title. The first one was: Don’t inflate your standard of living. As you get… Continue Reading “Saving for Retirement”

I am a Convert

I may have told you that I do most of my banking online.  I was actually a pretty early adopter, because I fell all in love with the way you could schedule when payments are going to be received.  And the bank sends the… Continue Reading “I am a Convert”

Fine. I’ll Write Something Nice.

But it starts with: I am so old that I have started reading “The Glenview Report”.  The newsletter from my village board.  Because I care.  Or something.  There were two pieces of news: Most of the newsletter was taken up with an explanation of… Continue Reading “Fine. I’ll Write Something Nice.”

About the Credit Cards

When I read about the new credit card rules, my first thought was, “Huh.  I’d better use my safety card once or twice.” Because the credit card companies now have the right to charge fees on cards that haven’t been used.  I still have… Continue Reading “About the Credit Cards”

What Women Pay

I read this article on MSN Money when I was out of town – Seattle, I think – so I didn’t write about it. But MP Dunleavy (with the help of Consumer Reports) dug up a whole bunch of scenarios where women are charged… Continue Reading “What Women Pay”

The Best Financial Advice I Have Ever Heard

Liz Pulliam Weston at MSN has updated her article on $500 in the bank.  It is the reason that I read MSN Money.  So many people that are trying to build an emergency fund are intimidated by the traditional advice – to save six months of expenses… Continue Reading “The Best Financial Advice I Have Ever Heard”