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Here We Go Again

The last leg of the Great Mold Removal of 2009 begins tomorrow. We are gutting the Master Bathroom, which was to be the Summer House Project before we found the mold, anyway. The other projects were painting the exterior and Taming the Jungle (the… Continue Reading “Here We Go Again”

Interior Decorating

I hate interior decorating. I’m not good at it and I don’t care enough. When I first started working, I sat at a 1960-something desk in what had once been a small storage room. From my chair, I was looking at a wall lined… Continue Reading “Interior Decorating”

The Rug

I believe I mentioned that while I was in New Orleans, I custom-ordered a rug from a weaver in the French Quarter. They are woven from your average cotton quilting fabric. Besides being interesting looking, they are: Totally. Washable. As in you could throw… Continue Reading “The Rug”

Operation SporeKill

We are now in Day 5. 32 years of junk has been removed from the basement. Demolition is complete. Apparently, it took three trucks in addition to this dumpster to get rid of all the drywall, ceiling tiles and general crap that was down… Continue Reading “Operation SporeKill”

New Home for the Fish

My brother’s contribution to the great Mold Removal Project of 2009 was to take in the fish. They were actually his fish, anyway: he left them at the house when he moved out. Seven years ago. First, he had to convince his wife. Then,… Continue Reading “New Home for the Fish”


Kiwi the Grey is boarding at the rescue. I took her in on Monday and she no longer finds it amusing. I plan to go in every day after work to give her the medicine, but today was my regular day to volunteer, anyway.… Continue Reading “Update”


We have seen the mold guys are were informed that every living, breathing creature must vacate the premises while the work is being done. Seven to nine days. And I am pretty sure he meant working days. Do you know how hard it is… Continue Reading “Moldmoldmold”

Stupid, Stupid Aspergillus

Last Friday, after learning that Kiwi was fighting off aspergillus in her system, I went to get my allergy shot. Shots, actually. We separated them into two because several weeks ago, I starting having a skin reaction and I wanted to figure out which… Continue Reading “Stupid, Stupid Aspergillus”

Stupid Aspergillus

Last month, when we had the painting done downstairs, the painter said there was some mold behind the wallpaper in Kiwi’s Room, formerly know as the dining room. Crap. Birds in general, and African Greys in particular, are really sensitive to mold. Aspergillosis, an… Continue Reading “Stupid Aspergillus”

This is Obscene

The AP is reporting that Toledo, Ohio is ticketing residents for parking in their own driveways: TOLEDO, Ohio – Residents of Toledo, Ohio, are complaining that they received $25 tickets for parking their vehicles in their own driveways. Mayor Carty Finkbeiner says he stands… Continue Reading “This is Obscene”