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The Early Middle Ages, Paul Freedman

I can’t seem to finish any books because I am spending all of my spare time on Academic Earth..I just finished Professor Freedman’s course The Early Middle Ages, 284 – 1000 A.D.   As the title of my blog suggests, I harbor no small… Continue Reading “The Early Middle Ages, Paul Freedman”

The American Revolution, Joanne Freeman

A couple of weeks ago, I checked back on Academic to see if there were any new courses.  I was in a bit of a panic because they moved a lot of courses from “History” to “Humanities”.  But after I figured it out, I… Continue Reading “The American Revolution, Joanne Freeman”

European Civ, John Merriman

After finishing up his course on modern French history, I started watching the lectures from Professor Merriman’s course on European Civilization on Academic Earth.   It was a survey course, so I can’t say I learned a whole heckuvalot, but there were several lectures… Continue Reading “European Civ, John Merriman”

France Since 1871

France Since 1871 is a course at Yale taught by John Merriman.  The lectures are posted on Academic Earth, and I just finished them.   I chose this one because: I like history classes. Everything I know about France is through the lens of… Continue Reading “France Since 1871”

The Suburbs

I’ve been watching lectures from a course on Academic Earth called France Since 1871.  I am interested because almost everything I have known about French history has been in the context of American or, perhaps, English history.  More on that later. In a lecture… Continue Reading “The Suburbs”

The Poetry of John Milton, Lectures by John Rogers

The Poetry of John Milton is the second course I have gone through on Academic Earth. As I’ve said, I picked it because I have had Paradise Lost on my shelf for years and nearly half of the lectures were on that piece alone.… Continue Reading “The Poetry of John Milton, Lectures by John Rogers”

Paradise Lost, by John Milton

Book 5 As I was saying, Paradise Lost has been on my shelf for-practically-ever and I picked it up when I saw Professor Roger’s course on Milton’s poetry on Academic Earth.  I have not quite finished the course yet, but I will have plenty… Continue Reading “Paradise Lost, by John Milton”

Becoming the People I Hate

I am leaving for Seattle tomorrow.  And I am packing the laptop. First, because I might get some real work done on the road.  My employer does not require this, but I feel compelled.  I hate that. Second, because I just started that new… Continue Reading “Becoming the People I Hate”

Score One for Kindle

I finally decided that my next course on Academic Earth will be The Poetry of John Milton, by a Yale professor named John Rogers.  I have had Paradise Lost on my shelf since I graduated college, but when I would wander over to pick… Continue Reading “Score One for Kindle”

The Killer Angels, by Michael Shaara

Book 44 My mother loved Michael Shaara’s The Killer Angels so much that she has read every book his kid wrote. I might have gone my whole life rolling my eyes at the idea of reading a novel about Gettysburg, except that Professor Blight… Continue Reading “The Killer Angels, by Michael Shaara”