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The Lava Lake

You might know that I have been vacationing in Hawaii – the Big Island – for the past several winters.  And I plan to continue doing so until I run out of miles, points, and money.  With each trip, I stay on the Kona… Continue Reading “The Lava Lake”

Sugar Scrub

In my continuing mission (or little project) to determine which bath products can be efficiently made at home, I decided to take a shot at the exfoliators.  After making hand soap, it seemed like it would be simple enough to find a decent formula… Continue Reading “Sugar Scrub”

The Hand Soap Thing

For many years, we have been shameless consumers of Bath & Body Works Foaming Hand Soap.  It is so easy!  It smells so pretty!  You can always get a double discount! Then last week, out of complete nowhere, all three of the sinks in… Continue Reading “The Hand Soap Thing”

Merry Christmas – I’ve Been Looking for This Metric

As e-readers become more popular, many people have been wondering about the impact of the devices on the environment.  Obviously, if you read alot and exclusively use the e-reader, you are doing some good.  But how many books do you have to read on… Continue Reading “Merry Christmas – I’ve Been Looking for This Metric”

Mobile Boarding Passes

United Airlines has been using mobile phone boarding passes for several months now.  Passengers can check in to a flight online and have an electronic boarding pass e-mailed to their phones.  The e-mail has a code – sort of like a UPC code –… Continue Reading “Mobile Boarding Passes”

8am and I’m Not Sure Whether I Will Be Leaving the House Today

But I am doing a bit of shopping online.  On the website for Half Price Books, I found a list of 25 Tips for Reusable Gift Wrapping.  The introduction said: “According to The ULS Report, Americans throw away 25 percent more trash from Thanksgiving… Continue Reading “8am and I’m Not Sure Whether I Will Be Leaving the House Today”

Hotel Housekeeping

USA Today ran an article in the Travel section on a topic that’s been getting some buzz: hotels trying to reduce costs by reducing housekeeping service.  Different hotels are trying different things, but as far as I can tell, it started with hotels asking… Continue Reading “Hotel Housekeeping”

I Will Not Be Joining the Movement

You know, the Going Green Movement.  I have plenty of reusuable bags and while I don’t use them in every store on every day, I certainly use them for groceries.  I made an effort to understand the ins and outs of home recycling and… Continue Reading “I Will Not Be Joining the Movement”

Real Rules of Recycyling

The Chicago Tribune printed a great article this weekend about things that will and will not be recycled by its curbside program.  It was really timely because we have been debating a few things about the program in my house lately.  Things I learned:… Continue Reading “Real Rules of Recycyling”

Wind Farms

The Chicago Tribune just ran a rather good article about the pros and cons of wind farms out in DeKalb County. DeKalb is about an hour and a half from Chicago, so not exactly the middle of nowhere. So. The pros: Clean energy and… Continue Reading “Wind Farms”