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Text From My Brother

Scott: Did you watch the movie Ted? Me:  Of course I haven’t. Scott:  There’s about two minutes on YouTube I will find for you. A few minutes later, he sent me this: I was sitting in the parking lot heading into a Project Linus… Continue Reading “Text From My Brother”

Lunchtime Conversation with My Brother

Me:  I was in DC last week and they are still doing construction on the Mall.  I asked what they were doing and Stefphanie said, “drainage and plumbing or something.”  Well, I call BS.  They must be working on the Ark of the Covenant… Continue Reading “Lunchtime Conversation with My Brother”


(Apologies in advance to everyone in my real life who has heard this story a hundred times.) I was home from college and getting ready to put up the Christmas tree in our living room.  I turned on the family room TV for some… Continue Reading “Vindicated”

The Winds of War

I read this Herman Wouk novel, from my mother’s shelf, a few years ago.  It was my summer epic read.  The mini-series has been sitting on my shelf for awhile. Robert Mitchum plays Cmdr. Victor Henry, the naval attache to Berlin in 1939.  He… Continue Reading “The Winds of War”


Would you believe I saw another movie this weekend?  It was a fluke – Bullitt was just starting on AMC or something when I went downstairs to the let birds out to play. I hesitate to say there isn’t much to the plot, because… Continue Reading “Bullitt”

Dr. Zhivago

The other day, Marilyn asked if I had seen any movies lately. No.  I don’t enjoy the movie theater experience anymore, and I am generally listening to an audio book when I am home. Then I thought, “I am turning into one of those people.”… Continue Reading “Dr. Zhivago”

In the Time of the Butterflies the Time of the Butterflies, the Julia Alvarez novel, has been on my shelf for over a year.  I seem to recall it was a One Book, One Chicago pick awhile back.  It was loosely based on the true story of four sisters… Continue Reading “In the Time of the Butterflies”

Howl is incredibly foolish of me to get distracted by, but there I was and there was the link to Howl, the 2010 film about the work by Allen Ginsberg.  I seem to remember reading it during the five-minute Beat Poet phase of… Continue Reading “Howl”

A Christmas Carol, Again have seen an awful lot of versions of A Christmas Carol, so I wasn’t in a hurry to see the CG Jim Carrey version.  But my mother picked it up on DVD so I watched it tonight. Pretty standard, I have to say. … Continue Reading “A Christmas Carol, Again”

Julie and Julia have no idea why I recorded Julie and Julia the last time there was a free preview weekend on the cable movie channels.  I had heard that the “Julia” parts rocked and the “Julie” parts sorta didn’t, so I turned it on tonight… Continue Reading “Julie and Julia”