Saturday Trip to the Library

I ran over to the library today to donate my text book to the cause.  My old textbooks have been earning decent returns on the Used Book Store’s Amazon site.  The regular (termporary/construction) parking lot was completely full so I parked over in the commuter lot by the train station and walked back by the new library.  I posted these pictures on the new UBS Facebook Group page, but I am re-posting here to give myself some perspective.  From these, I can almost believe that it will be done in November.  This was the view from the corner of Jackman Park.

Actual walls and something roof-like and shape.  Over on the right-hand side, you can almost see that there were lights on inside the building.  We were told that if they got enough done before the winter really set in, if there was enough structure to protect the workers from the elements, that construction could continue through the early months of the year.  It seems they succeeded in that.

This is the corner of Glenview and Harlem.  There are bricks!   I have seen the blueprints dozens of times and am still not sure where the entrances are.  But this looks like there will be doors here, I think.  I know the parking lot is going to be where the current library stands. 
So I went in to donate my book and the lobby was just packed.  I am not sure what was going down today, but there were lots of kids checking out lots of books and that made me happy.  Maybe we are getting somewhere.

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