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What Happens When I Actively Try to Travel Light

I generally travel light.  This blog has the running joke about Things I Forgot when I travel.  This time, I out did myself.  It started because I didn’t feel like lugging around the laptop.  And since I was only going to two nights, I… Continue Reading “What Happens When I Actively Try to Travel Light”

Something Slightly Different

Winter vacation in Hawaii, but this time in Kauai rather than the Big Island.  I brought 1.5 books, two DVD sets and four back issues of Vanity Fair.  After one travel day and one complete day, I have finished a book and two magazines.… Continue Reading “Something Slightly Different”

Short Week in Washington

Just got back to town.  Let’s start with “things I forgot”: Shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, face cleanser.  Because I left them in the shower in Honolulu.  This led me to spend $20 at the new Lush store in Pentagon City, and I was still… Continue Reading “Short Week in Washington”

Week on the Road

I flew to Fargo Monday morning.  Because Joy was there and it was not 20-below, we took a walk downtown for dinner.  We were told the best restaurant in downtown Fargo is Juano’s.  We saw a sign that said “Monday – $1.99 Margaritas”  so… Continue Reading “Week on the Road”

And It Hasn’t Changed a Bit

Back in Washington.  And for anyone who is new here, don’t bother trying to break into my house because I do not live alone, I have a dog and I have ADT. My cab was already parked out front when I came downstairs at… Continue Reading “And It Hasn’t Changed a Bit”

Coordinating a Conference This Week

Staying at a local hotel.  I forgot my glasses and one of my allergy drugs.  And cash.  And Diet Coke, which I really should have considered.  I could theoretically drive home to get them, but am not inclined to fight the traffic. Happily, things… Continue Reading “Coordinating a Conference This Week”

DC Redux. Again.

I forgot contact lens solution.  But I found an old Holiday Inn room key that I was able to return when I checked in. Yesterday, the cupcake truck came to our office.  Apparently, they have two trucks now.  But I hear that they are posting… Continue Reading “DC Redux. Again.”

It is Only a Two Day Trip

Things I Forgot to Bring to Washington This Week: My passport My flight itinerary My Blackberry charger (I am just going to leave the one I keep borrowing in the conference room) My glasses A nail file A notebook (who needs to write anything… Continue Reading “It is Only a Two Day Trip”

Things I Forgot to Bring to Fargo

My Passport.  No, I am not running for the border.  How far is the border, anyway?  But I normally use it for airport security because it is easier to grab than my driver’s license.   A hairbrush.  No kidding. Pajamas.  I remembered my Urlacher… Continue Reading “Things I Forgot to Bring to Fargo”