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It Seems to Have Worked

That “Book Club Bundle” idea seems to have worked. Once anyway. A group of four used copies of Cold Mountain for $2.50 (and we included information on some websites for discussion questions) took about a week to sell. Unfortunately, while we have two copies… Continue Reading “It Seems to Have Worked”

Speaking of "Forgotten Bookmarks"

I don’t even know what book this was marking, because it fell from a pile that I was sorting, but I found an old postcard: The back says: CAPE CRAFT PINEHwy. 17 NorthMyrtle Beach, S.C. 29577Phone (803) 449-5423EARLY AMERICAN DECORATOR ITEMSDIRECT FROM FACTORY AT… Continue Reading “Speaking of "Forgotten Bookmarks"”

Trying Something New

At the last meeting of the Used Book Store committee, we came around to the topic of having multiple copies of books. Should we keep every copy on the shelves? Perhaps take extra copies to sell to Half Price Books? Someone threw out the… Continue Reading “Trying Something New”

Interior Decorating

I hate interior decorating. I’m not good at it and I don’t care enough. When I first started working, I sat at a 1960-something desk in what had once been a small storage room. From my chair, I was looking at a wall lined… Continue Reading “Interior Decorating”

Public Service Announcement – Father’s Day Gifts

I have no idea what to get, or rather, send, to my father for Father’s Day. He and I had a great system for several years. For birthdays and Christmas I would send him stuff for his dog and he would send me stuff… Continue Reading “Public Service Announcement – Father’s Day Gifts”

Amazon Feedback Makes Me Insane

A couple of months ago, a lady left negative feedback for the Library Used Book Store on Amazon. If I remember correctly, she said it was a horrible, useless book. Really. First of all, it is hardly the fault of the seller if you… Continue Reading “Amazon Feedback Makes Me Insane”

A Good Night at the Library and other stuff

I haven’t posted about the Library in awhile. The construction has made the parking situation unbearable, but at least it is progress. And we currently have 554 books listed on our Amazon Storefront. We’ve had to clear out shelf space and it still isn’t… Continue Reading “A Good Night at the Library and other stuff”

Back at the Library

I raced home Thursday to give Eloise her meds and “baby cereal”. Then I had to change my clothes. Ate a Lean Cuisine pizza standing up at the counter talking to my mother about…something..I don’t remember – before racing off to my shift at… Continue Reading “Back at the Library”

Check Your Assumptions at the Door

There is a …I’ll go ahead and call him Senior…Asian gentleman that I have seen at the Library a couple of times in the last month or so. He reminded me of the grandfather of my childhood friend Augie. I had never heard him… Continue Reading “Check Your Assumptions at the Door”

Checking Out the Competition

This past weekend, two area libraries were doing Book Sales. I love Book Sales anyway, and I had the Research excuse. Forgive me, but I am using my blog for recording my check of the “competition”: On Saturday, the Glencoe Library sale started at… Continue Reading “Checking Out the Competition”