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Shout Out for Amy

The other day a post popped up on my Facebook feed from Heartland Animal Shelter.  This isn’t unusual, as they are active in social media, but the post was a flyer for a fundraiser in memory of Amy Thier, founder of Splash Dog.  My… Continue Reading “Shout Out for Amy”

A Working Dog

I believe I have mentioned that Fiona is a very well-behaved dog in public and a holy terror at home.  And sometimes at the dog park.  I have long suspected that she needs a job.  One day, as I was telling this to Kelly… Continue Reading “A Working Dog”

Bird Toys

There’s this toy that Kiwi really likes. Mostly cardboard with some wood pieces, held together by a soft cotton rope.  Retails for $25.  For as long as it lasts her, that isn’t too bad.  However, you will notice that she is really only interested… Continue Reading “Bird Toys”

I’m Never Filming at the Right Time

Before dinner, I had just put the birds back in their room and we were in the kitchen with the dogs. There is a baby gate between the two rooms. Kiwi the Grey started swinging from her rope toy, ringing the bell. Fiona the… Continue Reading “I’m Never Filming at the Right Time”

Orphans of the Storm – 2013 Pooch Parade

Due to The Incident, I had to cancel a trip to St Louis with my nephew.  So I was available for yesterday’s Pooch Parade, and my doctor cleared me for it.  This was the 7th Annual 2-Mile Walk to raise funds for Orphans of… Continue Reading “Orphans of the Storm – 2013 Pooch Parade”

I Went to the Chicagoland Pet Expo and Didn’t Take Any Pictures

Which makes me extremely lame.  However, the show has become less interesting to me since: I am not in the market for a new pet.  For like, the next decade or so. Many of the groups I enjoyed visiting were not present. Of the… Continue Reading “I Went to the Chicagoland Pet Expo and Didn’t Take Any Pictures”

Dog Update

When it has been so long since you’ve written that you forgot what you meant to say.  So I will start with the dogs. Gibbs had kennel cough, which was a nightmare because he couldn’t go to doggie day care for two weeks.  And… Continue Reading “Dog Update”

Pictures with Wanda the Witch

I am sure I’ve told you all that the best way to get me to attend your fundraiser is to have an event that involves my dogs.  Today, The Buddy Foundation held a fundraiser at its facility in Arlington Heights where my dogs could… Continue Reading “Pictures with Wanda the Witch”

Splash Dog

In his last years, our dog Shadow had some pretty bad arthritis.  Our vet, like many MDs treating arthritic people, recommended exercise in the water.  It is pricey, but it really helped.  Shadow spent a lot of time at Splash Dog, a hydrotherapy facility… Continue Reading “Splash Dog”

Miles for Mothers – The Puppy Mill Project Walk 2012

Fiona’s weekend adventures began Friday night, when she had a rematch with a skunk in the backyard. Skunk 2 – Fiona 0 My mother, Kay, had mocked me after the first battle, when I purchased an Emergency De-Skunker Kit (Read as: Two bottles of… Continue Reading “Miles for Mothers – The Puppy Mill Project Walk 2012”