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At the Library – Imported Books

Most nights at the Library, I consider myself lucky if I find 10 books worth listing and sell $10 in books onsite. Last night, I listed 19 books and sold $33.50 onsite. By the time I got home, I was exhausted. Someone donated a… Continue Reading “At the Library – Imported Books”

I Didn’t Need to See This

In doing some online research, I found this website, Book Sale Finder. I really did not need to know that there are six big book sales going on within an hour of my house this weekend. I already buy way. More. Books. Than I… Continue Reading “I Didn’t Need to See This”

At the Library – Don’s Books

I was sorting through books at the Library tonight and found several books of history. The dust covers were covered in the protective plastic like the libraries use. But they weren’t ex-library books. Someone loved these books. Someone took the trouble to buy the… Continue Reading “At the Library – Don’s Books”

At the Library – Technical Difficulties

When I arrived at the Library, I found a note from our director saying that the laptop was broken. She left me hers so that I could list books on our Amazon site. I wouldn’t leave my laptop with my own grandmother. Actually, when… Continue Reading “At the Library – Technical Difficulties”

San Antonio

I’m leaving tomorrow for San Antonio. After this, I am hoping to minimize the travel schedule for the duration of my Project Management class. The course opened online this afternoon and it is a good thing I started my reading already. The good news… Continue Reading “San Antonio”

At the Library – Dirty Books

I’ve mentioned that as a volunteer at the Library Used Book Store, part of my job is to review donated books and list those more valuable titles for sale at our Amazon site. We look up pretty much everything, because you never know what… Continue Reading “At the Library – Dirty Books”

At the Library – Back Online

There are now seven volunteers reviewing donated books to price, and perhaps list online. We have nearly 300 titles on our Amazon page. Sometimes this is a bummer, like when I pulled out the book above. An “Idiot’s” book! Surely it is worthless and… Continue Reading “At the Library – Back Online”

At the Library – Sale Weekend

I spent the better part of the day helping to set up for our Anniversary Sale. All books are half priced, except those listed on our Amazon web site. Basically, we hauled out all of the donated books that had been sitting on closets… Continue Reading “At the Library – Sale Weekend”

At the Library – Foreign Languages and Making It Up as We Go Along

Last night, in between arguing with an 11 year old about Tom Clancy’s alleged autograph and confirming that we will not discount a book because the title is objectionable, I did a lot of Amazon listing. A bunch of them were German language titles… Continue Reading “At the Library – Foreign Languages and Making It Up as We Go Along”

At the Library – Paperback Surprises

I pulled out a box of donations to sort and, hopefully, list at our Amazon Store. The box had some promising looking hardcover books and a whole bunch of paperbacks. The paperbacks are welcome right now (we don’t normally have enough space to keep… Continue Reading “At the Library – Paperback Surprises”