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An Evening with the History Nerds

Friends of the Glenview Library hosted a program last night with John Alexander, a Civil War scholar who runs a used bookstore downstate with his lovely wife.  I found him particularly charming because he said several times that his interest was not necessarily in… Continue Reading “An Evening with the History Nerds”

Culling the Library

I have often said that my To Be Read book pile is an overflowing seven shelf book case.  So overflowing that I can’t actually see all of the books that are on it and once or twice a year, I buy a book that… Continue Reading “Culling the Library”

2012 Year in Review

In the past year, I read lots of books, did lots of volunteering, adopted two pets and joined a  gym.  I also had a really good year at work.  Outside of the office, here is how I want to step it up: Reading I… Continue Reading “2012 Year in Review”

One More Thing to Love about My Library

Reprinted from my blog on the Glenview Patch: I love to read.  My average is at least one book per week, and has been for many years.  But when I started making blankets with our local chapter of Project Linus, it really cut into… Continue Reading “One More Thing to Love about My Library”

Day 5

I mentioned that I had five volunteer gigs over five days.  Here is how it went: Day 1 – The Refuge I arrived after work for my regular night feeding, cleaning and medicating (if necessary) the resident parrots.  I found that the daily work… Continue Reading “Day 5”

Back to Juggling

I’ve been thinking lately about revamping the blog.  It was created, you might remember, early in my graduate program as a class assignment.  I was rather worried about how I was going to get it all done and still manage to be an active… Continue Reading “Back to Juggling”

Online Ordering at the Library

My favorite thing about my library’s website is the notification e-mails when something is due. The e-mail has a link that I can click to renew it right away. This has rescued me several times when I was in the middle of an audio… Continue Reading “Online Ordering at the Library”

Checking In

I have had a crazy, crazy week.  Stuff was happening at work from the second I got in Monday morning.  Wednesday was my usual gig at the Rescue and after that, I went to a meet up at Starbucks for Project Linus where they… Continue Reading “Checking In”

BTT: Multi-tasking

The Question Was: Do you multi-task when you read? Do other things like stirring things on the stove, brushing your teeth, watching television, knitting, walking, et cetera? Or is it just me, and you sit and do nothing but focus on what you’re reading?… Continue Reading “BTT: Multi-tasking”

Using the Library

So I was just saying that as much as I support my local library, I don’t use it effectively.  (Read as: I really have to buy my books.)  However, I checked out some stuff today that reminded me there are several reasons why I… Continue Reading “Using the Library”