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Bird Toys

There’s this toy that Kiwi really likes. Mostly cardboard with some wood pieces, held together by a soft cotton rope.  Retails for $25.  For as long as it lasts her, that isn’t too bad.  However, you will notice that she is really only interested… Continue Reading “Bird Toys”

I Totally Made This.

I have mentioned that my mother and I have been gifting my grandfather with scarves and hats and mittens to donate to his church for Christmas.  I may have mentioned that the scarves are generally crocheted The mittens are not.  And occasionally my mother… Continue Reading “I Totally Made This.”

Prepping Fleece

Annette from Catnip and Coffee asked how we prep the fleece for the crochet-edged blankets.  Karen and Penny, from my chapter of Project Linus, created a video demonstration: The first half shows how to prepare it and the second half shows how to go… Continue Reading “Prepping Fleece”

Too Much Yarn

The Project Linus people, and my own mother, will tell you that there is no such thing as too much yarn. ‘Cause we’re going to use it all, right? Just like I am going to read all of these books “sometime”. Yarn is overflowing… Continue Reading “Too Much Yarn”

Blanket Two

I just finished the second blanket for Project Linus.  For my “records”: Caron Soft Yarn – Lt. Country Blue, Country Blue, Dk Country Blue (My mother says it reminded her of the Dallas Cowboys.)  Project Linus makes a point that they always need blankets… Continue Reading “Blanket Two”

Putt’s Pet Portraits

My mom’s friend Miss Gayle is a semi-professional artist specializing in pets.  She just launched a website so I thought I would give her a Shout Out.  This is the piece she did several years ago of my Late Great Dog Dallas: It… Continue Reading “Putt’s Pet Portraits”

The First Blanket

I finished my first blanket for Project Linus.  No – I am not a crocheting prodigy.  I have had the thing mostly done in a cubby since before Ainslie was born.  I had only three skeins of yarn to go. I only do one… Continue Reading “The First Blanket”

The Boxing Day Haul

Because of various plans and in-laws and other conflicts, my family gathers for The Gift Exchange each year at my house on Boxing Day.  We order pizza.  Some highlights: My niece, Ainslie, aged two, received a small etch-a-sketch thingy in her stocking.  She started… Continue Reading “The Boxing Day Haul”

Spiderman Fleece

I didn’t realize my nephew, Alex, was into Spiderman until he chose it for his costume this past Halloween.  When I saw this “No Sew Fleece Throw” kit at Michael’s, I decided that I could have it finished in time for his birthday.  In… Continue Reading “Spiderman Fleece”

Christmas 2009: The Take

My family arrived for Boxing Day pizza and presents and check out what I got: From my brother.  Who knew they made Star Wars sheets for a queen sized bed?  People that shop at Pottery Barn Kids. My mother ordered me a kitchen cart… Continue Reading “Christmas 2009: The Take”