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I Went to Waco and It Was OK

My work takes me to a lot of places that I wouldn’t otherwise think to go, and this month it was a conference in Waco, Texas. I asked around for a couple of weeks – what people thought of when they heard “Waco”. There… Continue Reading “I Went to Waco and It Was OK”

Project Linus 2020

I have a lot of thoughts about..things lately, but really need to post the blankets I made for Project Linus in 2020. As you can imagine, ten months at home can be rather record breaking. I am counting 168:

Virtual Everything, Again

Last weekend, I facilitated a book club virtually.  There weren’t many people and we hardly talked about the damn book, but it was nice to see that group.  (Plug:  Next up is Dan Egan’s Death and Life of the Great Lakes on May 17. … Continue Reading “Virtual Everything, Again”

Virtual Everything

I may have mentioned that in my youth, I was really into cruising.  Driving around for the sake of driving around and not going home.  This weekend I learned that we can’t do that because there are no public restrooms open and eventually I… Continue Reading “Virtual Everything”

Getting Some Damn Exercise

Illinois’ stay at home order will go through at least April 7 (and I have been already been working from home for a week).  The Chicago weather is not cooperating and I happen to be stockpiled with Girl Scout Cookies.  I’m not ready to… Continue Reading “Getting Some Damn Exercise”

Product Review – Blueland Cleaning Kits

It started with an ad on Facebook.  Or maybe Instagram – I’m certain that both have me tagged as being particularly bougie.   A company called Blueland is trying to reduce waste and the shipping of water-based products by developing cleaning products of the… Continue Reading “Product Review – Blueland Cleaning Kits”

Project Linus 2019

I was going to use IG to post these, but the pics are cutting off so:  

The Great Chocolate Debacle of 2015

It started with an article in Vanity Fair magazine entitled The Bitter, Not-Sweet Cadbury-Chocolate War.  From the May, 2015 issue which I read…probably mid-July.  The summary reads, “British-expat enclaves across America are furious over a recent move to halt the import of U.K.-manufactured Cadbury… Continue Reading “The Great Chocolate Debacle of 2015”

Posts I Have Been Pondering and Not Writing

For when I start writing again: Dogs and DNA Testing New Visit with the Dog Trainer Car Shopping All the Cars I’ve Loved Before Books and Book Clubs Penny Wars  

The Rest of the Aurora Teagarden Series, by Charlaine Harris

Books 58 – 63 I said after A Bone to Pick that I really hoped the series would get better, and it did.  The idea that there were so many, many murders in small town Georgia is laughably improbable, but Harris makes a running… Continue Reading “The Rest of the Aurora Teagarden Series, by Charlaine Harris”