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Why that Game is Not the End of the World

That would be the Bulls game last night. With no hockey and no basketball, I can finally finish that biography of Albert Einstein.  Seriously.  Haven’t been reading enough. I am going to be on the road a lot next month.  I wouldn’t like to… Continue Reading “Why that Game is Not the End of the World”

Why I Love (Many) Sports

Today at work, I asked a pack of guys which would be more important – watching the 4th quarter of the Bulls game tonight, or watching the 1st period of the Blackhawks game. They are running concurrently tonight.  The response was unanimous: Blackhawks. My… Continue Reading “Why I Love (Many) Sports”

It is So On

My office had a Bears Day – wear your team gear to the office – on Friday.  Well, you don’t have to tell me twice.  I wore my lucky Brian Urlacher jersey.  And because one can’t clomp around in the office wearing one’s snow… Continue Reading “It is So On”

Thanksgiving Activities

You know, when you don’t have a house full of people, Thanksgiving can get pretty busy.  This was my day: Woke up at the regular time, dawdled for awhile and headed over to the rescue to lend a hand.  Good thing because an order… Continue Reading “Thanksgiving Activities”

Mid Season Report

You know, when the talking heads get their hands on a sports statistic, they do not shut up about it.  This week’s, during the Bears game, we learned that the Bears quarterback, Jay Cutler, is the most blitzed in the NFL.  The other teams… Continue Reading “Mid Season Report”

Poor Cat

The Blackhawks ceremony was on the television while I put away my laundry.  (Yeah, yeah.  Exciting Saturday night.  Shut up.)  When they introduced the commissioner, the crown booed.  A Chicago crowd booed the commissioner of the NHL.  Not cool. I shouted, “Hey!”  at the… Continue Reading “Poor Cat”

Why el Futbol Americano is the Best Sport

Because a girl can reasonably watch every single game of the season.  One game a week.  I can plan my life around that for six months.  Of course, I have to exchange my Writers’ Theatre tickets because someone forgot the date of the bloody… Continue Reading “Why el Futbol Americano is the Best Sport”

The Locker Room

This story annoys me – the female reporter in the locker room that tweeted about “dying of embarrassment” from the attention she was getting from the players. I couldn’t even watch the entire story, but here it is: Everyone and his dog has… Continue Reading “The Locker Room”

Now You’ve Gone Too Far

Listen. I don’t watch Fox News.  I couldn’t pick Glenn Beck out of a lineup.  I don’t even know what “The Blackest White Folks” means. But to call Brian Urlacher a neo-Nazi don’t recognize him? You don’t like his haircut? Puleeze.

30 Day TV Meme – Day 29

Day 29 – Current t.v show obsession Now that Lost is over, (and 24 in its day) my only dealbreaker – the only “do not call when it is on” show – is a Bears game. My aunt Bev is a football fan of… Continue Reading “30 Day TV Meme – Day 29”