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My Own Private Mind Tricks

(I am going to write about the vacation, I swear.  But I really want to get this out.) I read a lot of personal finance stuff online.  A lot. I don’t actually learn a heckuva lot these days, because the truth is that saving… Continue Reading “My Own Private Mind Tricks”

Christmas Princess Shopping

This year, my family finally got its act together and made some Amazon wish lists.  The adult ones are incredibly boring, but for the kids, it is quite useful.  Then this happened.  From the list of Ashlyn, age 3 1/2: That is a Barbie… Continue Reading “Christmas Princess Shopping”

Retail Reviews

It is all our own fault.  We consumers are so obsessed with finding a great deal with double and triple discounts that retailers must devise ever more complicated ways to trick manipulate make their bottom lines.  It is a game.  And the game is… Continue Reading “Retail Reviews”

The Price of Low Fat Chocolate Milk

On the average day, I drink a Milk Chug for breakfast.  To be specific, a 16 ounce bottle of Dean’s Low Fat Chocolate Milk.  All chocolatey goodness with the required protein and ridiculously convenient.   I buy them from the sundry store in my… Continue Reading “The Price of Low Fat Chocolate Milk”

Small Business Saturday on Sunday

Yesterday was Ainslie’s birthday party, and while I got some shopping done, I neglected Small Business Saturday: The 2nd annual Small Business Saturday® is a day dedicated to supporting small businesses on one of the busiest shopping weekends of the year. So today, I went… Continue Reading “Small Business Saturday on Sunday”

Officially Part of the Problem

I’ve been doing my holiday shopping all sneaky-like for thepast couple of weeks – trying to beat the crowds without owning the fact that Iam now officially a part of the problem with the ever-expanding holidayseason.    I have done a fabulous job of buying… Continue Reading “Officially Part of the Problem”

Observation at the Airport

Now that everyone and her dog has a Coach bag (and I imagine they are making things for dogs now), the hipsters seem to be carrying Louis Vuitton. Besides the fact that I don’t get it – I find them ugly – I am… Continue Reading “Observation at the Airport”

How Things Get Done in My House

Yesterday, at the doctor’s office, I realized that I didn’t have my phone.  I figured that I had left it on my desk at work.  This morning, it wasn’t there.  I went back outside and searched my car.  Nothing.  So I called home. My… Continue Reading “How Things Get Done in My House”

New Favorite Dog Toy

Gibbs likes these: They are called Hide & Seek toys.  His current favorite is actually from Martha Stewart, because it has some kind of crinkly plastic in it that makes a lot of noise.  Of course, then he loses the little stuffed toys. As… Continue Reading “New Favorite Dog Toy”

Retail Therapy

It isn’t reasonable to call it “retail therapy”, because I needed shoes. OK, that sound you hear is my mother laughing her head off.  But my summer loafers are dead, as are both pairs of ballet flats.  So I went into DSW, determined to… Continue Reading “Retail Therapy”