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About Hamilton

When word hit Chicago that Hamilton was coming to town, I was not impressed.  Musicals aren’t really my thing to begin with and I find the musicalization of everything rather irritating.  When one of my theatre friends mentioned it to me, I said I… Continue Reading “About Hamilton”

Speaking of Pride Day

I had dinner with my grandfather, GP, last night.  This was particularly awesome because I don’t see him very often these days and certainly not without the distraction of children and dogs.  Besides the fact that he’s a great guy, he helps me to… Continue Reading “Speaking of Pride Day”

Chasing Off Boys

I had a sleepover with my nieces last night while their brother, father and grandmother were out of town.  They  are both fascinated and sometimes intimidated by my dogs.  Both dogs are very barky, though Fiona settles down and makes friends pretty quickly.  Gibbs… Continue Reading “Chasing Off Boys”

Road Trip 2014: How it Began

Road trip 2014 started with..I blocked a week from my work calendar for a vacation and then didn’t plan anything.  By the time I got serious, the ticket prices had skyrocketed.  At the same time, I had decided that I have not had enough… Continue Reading “Road Trip 2014: How it Began”

Conversations with My Brother

I went on a road trip with my brother.  I will have stories and pictures as soon as I get around to uploading them but for now, a conversation from the car:   (Leonard Cohen is playing on the iPod.) Scott:  Leonard Cohen songs… Continue Reading “Conversations with My Brother”

Christmas Princess Shopping

This year, my family finally got its act together and made some Amazon wish lists.  The adult ones are incredibly boring, but for the kids, it is quite useful.  Then this happened.  From the list of Ashlyn, age 3 1/2: That is a Barbie… Continue Reading “Christmas Princess Shopping”

Text From My Brother

Scott: Did you watch the movie Ted? Me:  Of course I haven’t. Scott:  There’s about two minutes on YouTube I will find for you. A few minutes later, he sent me this: I was sitting in the parking lot heading into a Project Linus… Continue Reading “Text From My Brother”


When I was a kid, Dallas was my favorite show.  Favorite.  Han Solo may have been my first love, but Bobby Ewing was the first, “I am going to marry a guy just like that.” Like many people, (seriously, I checked the stats on the… Continue Reading “Dallas”

A Day With Ainslie

When my niece, Ainslie, was about a month old, I took her brother, Alex to the Marriott Lincolnshire for a “vacation”.  We spent a night at the hotel and went to the children’s theatre the next morning.  Alex hated the theatre. Last weekend I… Continue Reading “A Day With Ainslie”

More Postcards from Alex

Last weekend, my mother, Kay, went with my brother’s family to Ann Arbor to visit Aunt Bev.  Alex sent me this postcard: Sorry about the flash.  This is what he wrote: “Dear Aunt Anne:  We drove past the stadium but it was closed.  From… Continue Reading “More Postcards from Alex”