Putting in Some Time

After dinner with my brother’s family Friday night, I headed over to the Library’s Used Book Store.  Glad I did, since I had more sales in 90 minutes than on my average Thursday night shift.  I happened to see in the notes that the Library is purging books in anticipation of the Big Move – which appears to be on schedule for November.  So we have a bunch of empty shelves that we can fill with the Library’s withdrawn books and sell them.

Our director sent an e-mail to that effect yesterday, and since I remembered seeing her name on the schedule for today, I went over to see what I might be able to accomplish in a couple of hours.  So I ran my Sunday morning errands, had lunch at Noodles and headed into downtown Glenview.

Then I remembered The Dairy Bar reopened last weekend.  They should really put up a website – they have two locations now.  So I stopped for a cone.  Standing at the window was a man with a chocolate labrador.  The lady was handing him a small vanilla cone.  He struggled for a minute with his wallet and the leash and said, “Will you please hold it for a minute?  The second I take it in my hand, she will jump for it.”  Then I realized that I had seen this guy before.  He comes here to buy ice cream for the dog.

How cool is that?  So he got all of his stuff together, took the cone and gave it to the dog.  She downed it in about two bites.

So. Into the Library.  Where the Saturday volunteers had pretty well set up what the Library has given us so far.  And even then, I found so much to do that two hours went by before I even noticed.  I got home just in time to see the Cubs lose and now I am packing to go to Washington.  Again.

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