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Strange New Product Review – Puppy Edition

So Gibbs is back on antibiotics (don’t ask) and I wanted to find a new way to give him the pills.  Yeah, yeah – Pill Pockets.  I worry about them because it seems to me that: Dogs figure out all of the hidden pill… Continue Reading “Strange New Product Review – Puppy Edition”

Feeding a Hungry Teenaged Dog

In the continuing mission to feed and nurture a healthy dog, we arrive at the next challenge: Gibbs inhales his food. We haven’t had a lot of choking, but there have been a non-zero number of vomiting-after-meals incidents.  Our solution was to give him… Continue Reading “Feeding a Hungry Teenaged Dog”

About the Beds

Earlier this summer, my back started bothering me.  Not my back actually, more like my hips.  I knew it was muscular because I was walking it off almost before leaving for work each morning.  This led me to believe that it was time for… Continue Reading “About the Beds”

Off! Clip On

I am not up to date with my insect repellent technology.  The last thing I remember is the discovery that Avon’s Skin So Soft spray worked really well.  But I am housetraining a puppy and spending more time outside at odd hours than I… Continue Reading “Off! Clip On”

Shakespeare’s MacBeth

My friend, John Wilson, is finishing up a run in Roundhouse Productions’ MacBeth.  As I type, so my blogging about it will be of no use to him. The most interesting thing about this interpretation is the use of green screen technology to add… Continue Reading “Shakespeare’s MacBeth”

Product: Big Sexy Hair Dry Shampoo, I had the day off of work.  I was on puppy training duty and had several errands to run before I went out that evening.  And I had an appointment for a facial.  While the aestheticians try not to get soap and oil… Continue Reading “Product: Big Sexy Hair Dry Shampoo”

Diet Sparkling Ocean Spray

I am always jazzed around the holidays to see cranberry flavored ginger ale in the grocery store, so when I saw the commercial for Ocean Spray’s Sparkling Cranberry, I made a point to look for it.    It scores major points for having a… Continue Reading “Diet Sparkling Ocean Spray”

Slouch, Gorilla Tango Theatre

Monday night, I went to see Slouch, at Gorilla Tango Theatre. Its posting on the League of Chicago Theatres says this: “Three unlikely friends on the lookout for their friend Larry. Is he a friend? A lover? Something in between? Join us for this… Continue Reading “Slouch, Gorilla Tango Theatre”

Mobile Boarding Passes

United Airlines has been using mobile phone boarding passes for several months now.  Passengers can check in to a flight online and have an electronic boarding pass e-mailed to their phones.  The e-mail has a code – sort of like a UPC code –… Continue Reading “Mobile Boarding Passes”

That Pretty Pretty; Or, The Rape Play, at The Charnel House

My fabulous friend Jodi and my new friend Kayla came down from Milwaukee to see this show at The Charnel House.  (I can’t actually make myself type the title.  I had to use copy and paste just to get it in my title bar.)  Before… Continue Reading “That Pretty Pretty; Or, The Rape Play, at The Charnel House”