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Sugar Scrub

In my continuing mission (or little project) to determine which bath products can be efficiently made at home, I decided to take a shot at the exfoliators.  After making hand soap, it seemed like it would be simple enough to find a decent formula… Continue Reading “Sugar Scrub”

Product: Big Sexy Hair Dry Shampoo, I had the day off of work.  I was on puppy training duty and had several errands to run before I went out that evening.  And I had an appointment for a facial.  While the aestheticians try not to get soap and oil… Continue Reading “Product: Big Sexy Hair Dry Shampoo”

Another Totally Unpaid Product Endorsement Aid created these awesome bandages specifically for blisters.My feet were pretty torn up after Day 1 at Disney last week.  I used one of these on my little toe and walked over 24,000 steps the next day with no pain.  The fair warning… Continue Reading “Another Totally Unpaid Product Endorsement”

The Eyebrow Thing

In a funny twist, after I wrote about botching an eyebrow wax, my friend Fluffycat asked me to post about home waxing.  I do not want anyone to learn technique from me.  However, I am happy to talk about product, so as to save some… Continue Reading “The Eyebrow Thing”

Girl Thing Redux interrupt this program for a totally unpaid product endorsement: I believe I have mentioned that I wax my own eyebrows, as opposed to having them done in the salon. There are two major benefits: 1. Not having to pay $12 – $15, plus… Continue Reading “Girl Thing Redux”

More Girl Stuff

Yesterday, I was in Target and in need of nylons.  I grabbed Hanes Solutions Silky Sheer for $5.49 to wear to work today. After work, I had a meeting at the Library.  Walking in, my heel caught on a cobblestone and I fell –… Continue Reading “More Girl Stuff”

The Pumice Stone

Like half the women in Chicagoland this weekend, I got a pedicure this morning.  I only mention it because because the nail tech gave me some advice that I thought, for better or for worse, I should pass on.  Guys, you might want to move… Continue Reading “The Pumice Stone”

Update on this Crazy Experiment

I was talking about the nail technician who told me to take care of my dry cuticles by rubbing baby oil into them and covering them with latex gloves.  So I tried it.  Knock on something, but it seems to have been working. I… Continue Reading “Update on this Crazy Experiment”

Neat Trick

I have been out of town and out of my usual routine for several days.  And now my skin is breaking out again.  It occurred to me that I haven’t exfoliated in a week and I am always being scolded for my lazy exfoliating… Continue Reading “Neat Trick”

Crazy as 10 Plastic Surgeries

As much as I enjoy the spa, I have always loathed paying money for a manicure.  Two reasons: I can mostly do it myself.  I even have a bloody paraffin bath! I will never have really nice nails again, so why the heck would… Continue Reading “Crazy as 10 Plastic Surgeries”