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Week 18?

We are allowed back in the office..if we want. There are plenty of rules about masks, and checking in, and shared spaces, but absolutely none about coming and going. There were..four or five of us in this morning. Fewer in the afternoon. Time has… Continue Reading “Week 18?”

Streaming Theatre

Week 7 – I’m not sure if this is getting harder or I have just had a really bad week.  So I’m going to shake it off and talk about some delightful theatre things. First, I was on a call with AstonRep a week… Continue Reading “Streaming Theatre”

Week 4

A thing I tweeted earlier today: “B/c it seems to be an #HR #remotework #FAQ on this hellscape: No, we don’t expect you to be logged in and available 8-5. No, we don’t expect you to be particularly productive. We expect you to do… Continue Reading “Week 4”

Airplanes and Shared Negative Nostalgia

I actually Googled whether there was a corresponding negative word for “nostalgia” and it turns out I am not the first person online to ask.  There isn’t one.  “Flashback”  “Dragging up memories”.  Meh.  There are too many nuances. I saw my chiropractor last week. … Continue Reading “Airplanes and Shared Negative Nostalgia”

Is Cruising Allowed?

This morning, after virtual yoga, I left the house. Starbucks, bank, drop off supplies at the bird rescue. I pulled into the lot of my local Starbucks drive through.  The line snakes differently every time I am there but after three weeks I can… Continue Reading “Is Cruising Allowed?”

We’re Not Supposed to Call It a Lockdown

I refer to March 16 as Day 1.  It was the first day that I worked from home under my kind employer’s “strong encouragement” to all staff.  I had done the grocery shopping and gone to yoga over the weekend. We felt like we… Continue Reading “We’re Not Supposed to Call It a Lockdown”

Town Hall

My Congressional district is the Illinois 10th.  We seem to identify as Moderates, which has us sending the following people to Congress: 2010:  Robert Dold – R 2012:  Brad Schneider – D 2014:  Robert Dold – R 2016:  Brad Schneider – D There was… Continue Reading “Town Hall”

Scattered Thoughts that are Sorta Year in Review

More than once over the past weeks, the writer John Scalzi has noted that what makes 2016 a particular flaming trash heap (or is it just “dumpster fire” there a consensus on the term yet?) is that it all started out very hopeful. True.… Continue Reading “Scattered Thoughts that are Sorta Year in Review”

Singleton Travel

I am a single woman and I like to travel.  Nothing too exotic so far, just the usual places on everyone’s bucket list.  Because the world is big and I only have so much vacation time (and there are several places I return to… Continue Reading “Singleton Travel”

Discussing Gun Control and Other Important Matters

At a conference last week, I walked in to the hospitality suite to find a group watching Fox News. I almost turned around and left. Somehow, I landed in a discussion about gun control that led to my feverishly Googling for statistics on my… Continue Reading “Discussing Gun Control and Other Important Matters”