Going to Hell

At the Library’s Used Book Sale, most of our books are sold at half price. So our inventory of $1.00 books becomes 50 cent books. In addition, we pull everything we have out of storage. We check the prices on Amazon.com to see if anything is worth listing online. If it is, we will list it online and offer to sell it for 20% off onsite.

Last Monday, a man was looking at a book that was listed online for $99. He argued the price with the volunteer on duty. The volunteer called our director, who checked the price online and confirmed that the correct price was $99 and the book could be sold for 20% less. The man declined.

On Sunday, a man brought the same book to the desk to a different volunteer. It had an $8 sticker on it. The volunteer thought something was fishy and didn’t want to sell it. The man bullied the volunteer until she finally sold it – for $7. After he left, she found a crumpled $99 sticker on the display table.

I do not understand how a person even rationalizes such behavior.

I am sorry to be judgmental, but if you rob a charity that way? I am pretty sure you are going to hell.

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