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Amazon Stalking

At the Library last night, I went through three boxes of books. Seven were worth listing, and one might be worth $125, which is huge. On two occassions, a book I listed on a Thursday at the Library sold before I even got home.… Continue Reading “Amazon Stalking”

Dirty Secret

In addition to selling books in the Library, UBS sells some online at Amazon. I learned a lot about it while writing my marketing project and, in fact, made several recommendations on enhancing that part of the program. During that time, I started listing… Continue Reading “Dirty Secret”

The Library

I just started volunteering at my local library in July. Friends of the Glenview Public Library started a Used Book Store (UBS) to raise funds. Books are donated and volunteers staff the space in three hour shifts during all library working hours.I thought this… Continue Reading “The Library”