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Summer in Washington

I travel to Washington DC several times each year.  There are some things I do (nearly) every visit.  I make a pilgrimage to the Lincoln Memorial.  I have dinner with my friend, Holly.  I have lunch at the Atrium Cafe.  Now, I am also… Continue Reading “Summer in Washington”

DC Story I Forgot to Tell

A couple of weeks ago, when I was back in Washington, I did my FourSquare check in at National Airport.  A few minutes later, I received a message from my friend Austin.  He was also in Washington on business.  We went to high school… Continue Reading “DC Story I Forgot to Tell”

Dorky Washington Story

Everyone and their dogs knew the President was passing through town to vote early.  And yesterday, my Twitterfeed went insane with sightings of Marine One.  I started to roll my eyes and think, “Seriously?  …..”  The thought didn’t fully form in my head before… Continue Reading “Dorky Washington Story”

Lunchtime Conversation with My Brother

Me:  I was in DC last week and they are still doing construction on the Mall.  I asked what they were doing and Stefphanie said, “drainage and plumbing or something.”  Well, I call BS.  They must be working on the Ark of the Covenant… Continue Reading “Lunchtime Conversation with My Brother”

More Food in DC

I was back in Washington this week and tried two more food trucks: I was ready to walk right by DC Taco Truck when I saw the sign that said, “Fresh Avocado”, for which I am a total sucker.  They offered chicken, steak, shrimp,… Continue Reading “More Food in DC”

Another Trip to DC

Back in Washington this week, but everything was goofy. United Airlines shifted stuff around at DCA, so I was all confused.  I stayed at a different hotel, so I was more confused.  L’Enfant Plaza Hotel is not fancy.  I understand from my meeting planner… Continue Reading “Another Trip to DC”

Short Week in Washington

Just got back to town.  Let’s start with “things I forgot”: Shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, face cleanser.  Because I left them in the shower in Honolulu.  This led me to spend $20 at the new Lush store in Pentagon City, and I was still… Continue Reading “Short Week in Washington”

Week on the Road

I flew to Fargo Monday morning.  Because Joy was there and it was not 20-below, we took a walk downtown for dinner.  We were told the best restaurant in downtown Fargo is Juano’s.  We saw a sign that said “Monday – $1.99 Margaritas”  so… Continue Reading “Week on the Road”

What the cupcake truck really needs…

2:00 yesterday afternoon, the cupcake truck was outside my office.  I went down to get one.  Two, actually, Stef was busy doing something.  It was raining outside, but not very hard.  My jacket is water resistant and I hadn’t bothered to do my hair… Continue Reading “What the cupcake truck really needs…”

And It Hasn’t Changed a Bit

Back in Washington.  And for anyone who is new here, don’t bother trying to break into my house because I do not live alone, I have a dog and I have ADT. My cab was already parked out front when I came downstairs at… Continue Reading “And It Hasn’t Changed a Bit”