Meanwhile, Back at the Library

I missed the Holiday Sale altogether.  I missed the set up.  The wonderful pulling of every last box out of donations from the closet and being the first person to see them.  I missed sorting them out and making a pile of what I will take right that second.

I missed the whole thing.

So when I arrived last night, I had no idea what to expect.  But it was all cleaned up.  The bookshelves looked the same – maybe a bit neater.  There were three or four boxes of new donations in the closet.  We have a new laptop computer (the last one fried) that I hadn’t used before because I had been bringing my own while I was in school.  It is actually the next generation of the one I have now so I had a little moment of envy.  Maybe it is two generations ahead, even.  Whatever.

We have sold 18 books online in the last week, which is fabulous.  I am happy when we average seven.  I didn’t see any notes on the total sales for the week, but I will hear them at the holiday party.

It had been so long since I’d been there I didn’t know what to do first.  Sort new donations?  Read the volunteer notes?  Go shopping?  I did a bit of everything, which is a good thing because between the holiday library closures and my travel schedule I won’t even be back until the last week in January.   (sigh)

But check this out:

It’s the new library, people.  This is from the web-cam.  There is a structure…and insulation?  It is enormous.  There were still people working when I arrived at 5:30 yesterday and it wasn’t exactly warm outside.

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