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I Went to Waco and It Was OK

My work takes me to a lot of places that I wouldn’t otherwise think to go, and this month it was a conference in Waco, Texas. I asked around for a couple of weeks – what people thought of when they heard “Waco”. There… Continue Reading “I Went to Waco and It Was OK”

I Went on Vacation and It Was OK

My pack of friends had been talking for weeks about have a get together sometime, as COVID numbers were climbing and summer was waning. We’d also been talking about summer vacations. No one wants to fly and then Cook County started putting quarantine restrictions… Continue Reading “I Went on Vacation and It Was OK”

New Orleans 2017

How much do I love New Orleans? Enough that going twice last year only made me want to go again this year. Twice. In the summer. The first time was in June for a conference. The second was a couple of weeks ago. Third… Continue Reading “New Orleans 2017”

The Vacation

It’s been over a month since I returned from Scotland and have discovered that I am past the point of being able to blog the pictures effectively.  So here are the highlights.  

Singleton Travel

I am a single woman and I like to travel.  Nothing too exotic so far, just the usual places on everyone’s bucket list.  Because the world is big and I only have so much vacation time (and there are several places I return to… Continue Reading “Singleton Travel”

The Lava Lake

You might know that I have been vacationing in Hawaii – the Big Island – for the past several winters.  And I plan to continue doing so until I run out of miles, points, and money.  With each trip, I stay on the Kona… Continue Reading “The Lava Lake”

Vicksburg – Day One

We arrived in the afternoon and the door to the Library Suite was open.  The first thing my brother did was take a picture of the chess board.  “So we know where all the pieces were.”  I remember that one of the white pawns… Continue Reading “Vicksburg – Day One”

Road Trip 2014: How it Began

Road trip 2014 started with..I blocked a week from my work calendar for a vacation and then didn’t plan anything.  By the time I got serious, the ticket prices had skyrocketed.  At the same time, I had decided that I have not had enough… Continue Reading “Road Trip 2014: How it Began”

Summer in Washington

I travel to Washington DC several times each year.  There are some things I do (nearly) every visit.  I make a pilgrimage to the Lincoln Memorial.  I have dinner with my friend, Holly.  I have lunch at the Atrium Cafe.  Now, I am also… Continue Reading “Summer in Washington”


The national conference for the Society of Human Resource Management was last week.  Thirteen thousand HR types descended on Orlando for a few days of education, bonding and booze.  Because that’s what conferences are for.  That and the recertification credits. Not all HR people… Continue Reading “Conferences”