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Weekend Assignment #365: Tax Time

What is your strategy for doing your taxes? Do you get them done as soon as you can get hold of the paperwork, put them off to the last minute, or something in between? Do you hire someone, do the work yourself, get your… Continue Reading “Weekend Assignment #365: Tax Time”

Weekend Assignment #364: Ahead in the Clouds?

Weekend Assignment #364: Ahead in the Clouds? Suddenly the marketing departments of Microsoft and other tech giants are all about “the cloud” or “clouds,” the practice of storing large files online and streaming them rather than everyone storing them locally on their hard drives.… Continue Reading “Weekend Assignment #364: Ahead in the Clouds?”

Weekend Assignment #363: Scammed!

Weekend Assignment #363: Scammed! Have you ever been successfully scammed? Was it a phone fraud, a phishing email, a trojan worm, or something else? How did they fool you, and what have you learned from the experience? Extra Credit: Tell us about a scam… Continue Reading “Weekend Assignment #363: Scammed!”

Weekend Assignment #362: Emergency!

Weekend Assignment #362: Emergency! How prepared are you for emergency situations? Do you know how to do CPR? Does your home or business have an evacuation plan or do fire drills? Do you have a generator, duct tape, candles, first aid kit, fire extinguisher,… Continue Reading “Weekend Assignment #362: Emergency!”

Weekend Assignment #361: Give It Up!

Weekend Assignment #361: Give It Up! Lent has begun, and in certain denominations, people are “giving up something for Lent” – in other words, not indulging in some pleasurable food or activity between now and Easter. Have you ever abstained from something for a… Continue Reading “Weekend Assignment #361: Give It Up!”

Toy Show

Weekend Assignment #360: Toy Show Do you have any old toys or dolls from your childhood, either the originals or replacements purchased as an adult? If so, tell us about them. Extra Credit: Is there a particular toy from your childhood that you especially… Continue Reading “Toy Show”

Career Day

Weekend Assignment #359: Career Day 2 It’s often said that most people will change careers several times over the course of their working lives. If money, age and educational resources were all conducive to your trying another line of work, would you do so?… Continue Reading “Career Day”


Weekend Assignment # 358: Drive Is driving something you actually enjoy doing, or is it merely a means to an end? Do you ever go for a drive for fun, or revel in certain kinds of driving? Extra Credit: If time and money were… Continue Reading “Drive”

Packing Light, Sort Of

Weekend Assignment # 357: The Art of Packing When you go on a trip, do you travel light, or try to make sure you have everything you might conceivably need? Specifically, what do you bring along by way of electronics? Extra Credit: What’s the… Continue Reading “Packing Light, Sort Of”

Science, Schmience

Weekend Assignment # 355: Science! In this year’s State of the Union address, the President spoke of the need for better education, particularly in math and science, and the desirability of celebrating winners of science fairs – in other words, science geeks. How good… Continue Reading “Science, Schmience”