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Pool Etiquette

I was going to write a nice post with pictures of yesterday’s tour, but this morning’s time at the hotel pool changed my mind.  I don’t spend much time poolside, but in this hotel it is the only good place to sit outside and… Continue Reading “Pool Etiquette”

Hating on People at Starbucks

First let me say that I walked in the door of not-my-regular-Starbucks and thought I had taken the wrong door and landed in Caribou Coffee.  This would have been a bad thing because I do not like their Hot Chocolate and I know it… Continue Reading “Hating on People at Starbucks”

Lunchtime at Noodles

I went for an early lunch at Noodle’s & Company in Arlington Heights before hitting the book sale at the Arlington Heights Library.  This particular Noodles is always filled with unsupervised children due to the movie theater around the corner.  Thus it is also… Continue Reading “Lunchtime at Noodles”

Crisis at the Animal Welfare League

Of all the vile things I can think of, stealing from a charity ranks way up there on the List of Things that Make Me Sick.  But last week, thieves stole the A/C units and parts from the Animal Welfare League‘s building on Wabash… Continue Reading “Crisis at the Animal Welfare League”

Overheard at Taco Bell

Four teenaged girls – two Hiltonclones and two Kardashianclones. Three order the 88 cent something-or-other and the fourth orders a small drink. Not one of them uses the word “Please” (I am pretty sure a rant is coming on that at a later date).… Continue Reading “Overheard at Taco Bell”

Thanksgiving Activities

You know, when you don’t have a house full of people, Thanksgiving can get pretty busy.  This was my day: Woke up at the regular time, dawdled for awhile and headed over to the rescue to lend a hand.  Good thing because an order… Continue Reading “Thanksgiving Activities”

Black Friday Strategies

The news is filled with articles, tips and deals regarding Black Friday and I particularly enjoyed this “strategy guide” from the Chicago Tribune.  My favorite part of the piece was listed under “Buddy up”: “People are going to use carts as battering rams, but… Continue Reading “Black Friday Strategies”

The Social Commentary this, Chapter One of Killing My 2010 Vacation Days, I was awakened at 6:52 a.m. by the dog.  He wanted me to know that his mother had left for work and he did not want to be alone.  I did not get back… Continue Reading “The Social Commentary”

Just Shaking my Head

A couple of weeks ago, a friend was telling a story about her classroom. She teaches English to …I think 6th graders. She asked them to write Thank You letters to a group that had donated a whole bunch of books to their reading… Continue Reading “Just Shaking my Head”

Going to Hell

At the Library’s Used Book Sale, most of our books are sold at half price. So our inventory of $1.00 books becomes 50 cent books. In addition, we pull everything we have out of storage. We check the prices on to see if… Continue Reading “Going to Hell”