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A Very Facebook Halloween

One of the more amusing things on Facebook is the Halloween pics.  My friends’ kids in costume.  This is a list: Big brother was Joker and little brother was Robin. Big brother was Buzz Lightyear and little sister was Daphne from Scooby Doo (that… Continue Reading “A Very Facebook Halloween”

I Need a New Computer Game was not a Christmas wish.  It was just whining.  I have been buying cheap ($5 cheap) computer games at Half Price Books.  Not World of Warcraft-type games, just little things to keep me entertained for a weekend.  Or at least distracting me from… Continue Reading “I Need a New Computer Game”

Dracula: Origin I picked up this game on clearance at the holiday sale at Half Price Books.  I wasn’t really interested in one more Dracula game, but I realized that some of the people that worked on this game did the Agatha Christie games that I… Continue Reading “Dracula: Origin”

What is This?

I like McDonald’s and I am a sucker for good marketing.  So I play the Monopoly.  I ordered a medium fry because I know they don’t give you game pieces on the small.  But then.  Are you seeing this?  No game pieces on the… Continue Reading “What is This?”

The Wii

Yesterday, in a fit of tantrum over how much exercise I’m not getting, I went to Best Buy and picked up a Wii and a Wii Fit. Then I went to the new burger place to pick up dinner. After dinner, I brought the… Continue Reading “The Wii”

Evil Under the Sun

I found Evil Under the Sun, another Agatha Christie PC game, at Half Price Books. I do love that Poirot. And I haven’t read the novel yet, so I was going in pretty cold. But I needed something to get me through the Mold… Continue Reading “Evil Under the Sun”

Gaming with Alex

Alex’s mom and sister were out of town today, so Scott decided that this would be a good time to try to get Alex to eat Chinese food. Didn’t fly. He asked if he could eat carrots. Before lunch, we played his football game.… Continue Reading “Gaming with Alex”

Diner Dash

Last night, after I’d read an awful lot of Harlot’s Ghost, and then watched another lecture on Academic Earth, I decided to find a brainless computer game to play. So I checked to see what was on my laptop. Hm. Diner Dash. Click. It… Continue Reading “Diner Dash”

Open House – Games

My friend Noah is a serious gamer. He is a perennial game master and plays in one other game that I know of. He is the reason I tried role-playing games in college and got all sucked in to playing Vampire. When we were… Continue Reading “Open House – Games”

Murder on the Orient Express

I picked up the PC game Murder on the Orient Express at Half Price Books just before the end of the semester. I enjoyed the first Agatha Christie game and this one features Hercule Poirot. Awesome. The PC is not Poirot, but a young… Continue Reading “Murder on the Orient Express”