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When I was a kid, Dallas was my favorite show.  Favorite.  Han Solo may have been my first love, but Bobby Ewing was the first, “I am going to marry a guy just like that.” Like many people, (seriously, I checked the stats on the… Continue Reading “Dallas”

On Election Night

I am bouncing back and forth between returns and the Bulls game.  And some West Wing clips on YouTube. I left work a bit early to go vote.  The place was packed and the volunteer I spoke with said that in his nine years… Continue Reading “On Election Night”

True Blood, Season Four

So.  You may recall that in this, my last remaining vampire guilty-pleasure, I am a season behind.  HBO is running Season Five right now and Season Four was released on DVD. If you are keeping score, True Blood now has vampires, werewolves, shape shifters,… Continue Reading “True Blood, Season Four”

Downton Abbey, Season One

Or..When I Started Watching the Same Television Show as my Grandfather Of course, I had heard of it.  But I didn’t buy it until I heard, “It’s like a turn of the century British soap opera.  With Maggie Smith!”  Seriously.  That description made me… Continue Reading “Downton Abbey, Season One”

The Winds of War

I read this Herman Wouk novel, from my mother’s shelf, a few years ago.  It was my summer epic read.  The mini-series has been sitting on my shelf for awhile. Robert Mitchum plays Cmdr. Victor Henry, the naval attache to Berlin in 1939.  He… Continue Reading “The Winds of War”

Prohibition, by Ken Burns

I finally finished watching Prohibition, the new Ken Burns film, on the DVR.  It was typically good Burns.  The story is told in three parts: A Nation of Drunkards A Nation of Scofflaws A Nation of Hypocrites Glad we got that straight. The most… Continue Reading “Prohibition, by Ken Burns”

Pet Adoption Photos

CBS Sunday Morning ran a great little story about a photographer in Dallas that started taking glamour shots of dogs awaiting adoption with a local rescue: Now, granted, dachshunds are probably an easier gig that pitbulls or rottweilers.  But the idea that “marketing”… Continue Reading “Pet Adoption Photos”

True Blood, Season Three, I have not outgrown the vampires. I believe I mentioned, after Season Two, that I just don’t like Sookie Stackhouse.  And I can’t stand her stupid vampire boyfriend.  But there are so many compelling supporting characters that you could make half a dozen… Continue Reading “True Blood, Season Three”

Dear Charlie Sheen

Please shut up now.  Please. You know I am on your side.  You know I was happy as long as you showed up on the set, ready to work, like a professional.  What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.  Until you get arrested.  And… Continue Reading “Dear Charlie Sheen”

Mad Men, Season Two like Season One, I spent the first few episodes of Mad Men, Season Two wondering what I was doing watching these horrible people and their mean little lives. Then I got sucked in again. I don’t think it is too much of a… Continue Reading “Mad Men, Season Two”