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Scattered Thoughts that are Sorta Year in Review

More than once over the past weeks, the writer John Scalzi has noted that what makes 2016 a particular flaming trash heap (or is it just “dumpster fire” there a consensus on the term yet?) is that it all started out very hopeful. True.… Continue Reading “Scattered Thoughts that are Sorta Year in Review”

Volunteer Gig: Feed My Starving Children

It’s called Feed My Starving Children, which is a bit of a turnoff for me (Note:  Not sure if it is the word “my” or the word “starving”.  Wouldn’t “Feed the Children” have been enough?). But my co-workers like it a lot so when… Continue Reading “Volunteer Gig: Feed My Starving Children”

The Least I Can Do

The news broke last night that a Grand Jury determined not to indict the officer that shot Michael Brown to death in Ferguson, Missouri.  At about the same time, Marissa Alexander accepted a plea deal in Florida.  Ms. Alexander was facing decades in prison… Continue Reading “The Least I Can Do”

I’m Calling It

I think it is finally safe to say the Winter is over.   File under “Grateful”.  (Watch it start to snow now.) The residual trauma for me came out this weekend as I spent every free minute outside: Yesterday, I woke up early and… Continue Reading “I’m Calling It”

The Happiness Project, by Gretchen Rubin

Book 36 I have a lot of other books to log, but there was a passage from this one that I don’t want to forget.  So: I have been sort of meditating on the concept of happiness for awhile.  Personal fulfillment and the meaning… Continue Reading “The Happiness Project, by Gretchen Rubin”


Part of my short term treatment is self-administered shots.  Not pleasant.  They are the same shots, actually, that I gave my mother a couple of years ago after she had surgery.  To prevent the condition that I have now, incidentally.  I remember having a… Continue Reading “Perspective”

A Tiny Sparkle of Hope

I have mentioned this several times to my Facebook friends – I very much appreciate the people that work on holidays.  New Year’s in particular is one in which most of the world is closed for business, but I was pretty sure that Five… Continue Reading “A Tiny Sparkle of Hope”

DC Story I Forgot to Tell

A couple of weeks ago, when I was back in Washington, I did my FourSquare check in at National Airport.  A few minutes later, I received a message from my friend Austin.  He was also in Washington on business.  We went to high school… Continue Reading “DC Story I Forgot to Tell”

And It Hasn’t Changed a Bit

Back in Washington.  And for anyone who is new here, don’t bother trying to break into my house because I do not live alone, I have a dog and I have ADT. My cab was already parked out front when I came downstairs at… Continue Reading “And It Hasn’t Changed a Bit”

On a Day Where I Needed for Nothing to Go Wrong

Dear United Airlines: I don’t know how you knew, 24 hours ago, that I was having a rough week in Atlanta.  But when I checked on my flight, (to be sure O’Hare wasn’t going paralyzed with the rest of the continent) I found a… Continue Reading “On a Day Where I Needed for Nothing to Go Wrong”