Pushing Facebook

The steering committee for the Used Book Store met today for some review and planning. We talked a lot about the new building and how we will use the space. Then we came to how we will continue to promote it. I don’t know how we got to talking about Facebook, but I offered to explore the options. Of course, the easiest way to explore the options is to just go ahead and set up the Group.

The first thing I discovered is that I can’t invite people to join the Group unless I am actual Facebook friends with them. So, here it is. You are all invited.

I put in an Event for our next sale and my favorite link on the Library’s web site – the web cam on the construction site. Then I coerced our director to let me set up an account for her. By the time we had traded e-mails and she had verified her account, she had four friend requests. If Facebook were a popularity contest (and it sure might be), she wins.  Now.  I’d better start figuring out what kind of content to add.

How exactly did I go from being a Facebook Hater to a Facebook Pusher?

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