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Getting Some Damn Exercise

Illinois’ stay at home order will go through at least April 7 (and I have been already been working from home for a week).  The Chicago weather is not cooperating and I happen to be stockpiled with Girl Scout Cookies.  I’m not ready to… Continue Reading “Getting Some Damn Exercise”

The Lava Lake

You might know that I have been vacationing in Hawaii – the Big Island – for the past several winters.  And I plan to continue doing so until I run out of miles, points, and money.  With each trip, I stay on the Kona… Continue Reading “The Lava Lake”

Sugar Scrub

In my continuing mission (or little project) to determine which bath products can be efficiently made at home, I decided to take a shot at the exfoliators.  After making hand soap, it seemed like it would be simple enough to find a decent formula… Continue Reading “Sugar Scrub”

The Hand Soap Thing

For many years, we have been shameless consumers of Bath & Body Works Foaming Hand Soap.  It is so easy!  It smells so pretty!  You can always get a double discount! Then last week, out of complete nowhere, all three of the sinks in… Continue Reading “The Hand Soap Thing”


Part of my short term treatment is self-administered shots.  Not pleasant.  They are the same shots, actually, that I gave my mother a couple of years ago after she had surgery.  To prevent the condition that I have now, incidentally.  I remember having a… Continue Reading “Perspective”

Peace Marathon – April 29 to May 31, 2013

Through Project Linus, I learned about a fabulous fundraiser to honor the victims of the bombings at the Boston Marathon.  Chicago running coach Jenny Hadfield established a virtual marathon where each participant runs or walks 26.2 miles over the course of the next month.… Continue Reading “Peace Marathon – April 29 to May 31, 2013”

2012 Year in Review

In the past year, I read lots of books, did lots of volunteering, adopted two pets and joined a  gym.  I also had a really good year at work.  Outside of the office, here is how I want to step it up: Reading I… Continue Reading “2012 Year in Review”

About Exercise

While I have been eating better in the last year, my exercise has crashed and burned.  Turns out that having two high energy dogs doesn’t help the program if you can’t keep up with them.  So I needed a jump start and I started… Continue Reading “About Exercise”

Genetic Testing – The Results

I had my follow up appointment last Friday with the MD andgenetic counselor.  It was not tooterrible a preamble before the verdict: the test came back Normal, meaning thatno genetic mutations were found in my BRCA gene.  The doctor said the degree of accuracy… Continue Reading “Genetic Testing – The Results”

Genetic Testing – Preamble and First Appointment

I am pursuing genetic testing to determine my risk for breast and ovarian cancer.  Every person that I have told has had a hundred questions, so I thought it worth writing: It starts with my grandmother – the first of three sisters diagnosed withbreast… Continue Reading “Genetic Testing – Preamble and First Appointment”