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Volunteering with Chicago Cares

I’d been in a bit of a rut with volunteering.  I’ve been working toward some certification exams and my travel schedule has been hectic and two scheduled weekly volunteer gigs were suffering.  I felt like I couldn’t be counted on, which is the opposite… Continue Reading “Volunteering with Chicago Cares”

New Favorite Charity – Adopt a Classroom

I forget where I first heard of Adopt-a- Classroom, but the premise was very familiar: Teachers spend a lot of their own money for stuff needed in the classroom.  School budgets are tight, parents can’t always afford supplies and teachers want the best for their… Continue Reading “New Favorite Charity – Adopt a Classroom”

Kiva Surprise

One of the fun things about Kiva is that nice little surprise of, “Your loan has been repaid!”  My last loan was made to a lady in Senegal who, instead of repaying in increments, repaid in one lump sum at the end of the… Continue Reading “Kiva Surprise”

First Groupon

I joined Groupon a few months ago, and just made my first purchase.  At lunch today, a friend asked me about the process, so I figured I ought to write about it. Prologue: You register at the website.  Then Groupon informs you, by e-mail,… Continue Reading “First Groupon”

I Love

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How to Contribute without Spending a Dime

We’ve been hearing a lot lately about “donor fatigue”, which defines as, “a general weariness and diminished public response to requests for aid to needy people or donations to charitable causes”. Between the natural disasters and the puppy mill raids and the increased need… Continue Reading “How to Contribute without Spending a Dime”

Adopting the Puppy

As I mentioned, we went nine days without a dog before we cracked. As a rescue volunteer (albeit with exotic parrots), I am committed to pet adoption. I also understand that my home is not the best for every dog. What with the cat… Continue Reading “Adopting the Puppy”

The Facebook Badge

So.  Over there on the right.  The parrot rescue where I volunteer has upgraded to an organization page on Facebook.  There isn’t much content there now, but I expect the Merry Band of Internet Addicts will be pulling together soon to make it interesting.… Continue Reading “The Facebook Badge”

Architects of Change

In one of the many, many articles about the separation of the Schwarzeneggers, there was mention of the website Maria Shriver launched to talk about things that matter to her.  I hadn’t heard of it before, so I clicked over.  Links to her books,… Continue Reading “Architects of Change”

The $1 Movement is another organization attempting to Harness the Power of the Internet (or something) in order to do some good. The mission is: “To socially enable change in the world with one individual and one dollar at a time.” Taking from the idea “if we… Continue Reading “The $1 Movement”