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Getting Some Damn Exercise

Illinois’ stay at home order will go through at least April 7 (and I have been already been working from home for a week).  The Chicago weather is not cooperating and I happen to be stockpiled with Girl Scout Cookies.  I’m not ready to… Continue Reading “Getting Some Damn Exercise”

Town Hall

My Congressional district is the Illinois 10th.  We seem to identify as Moderates, which has us sending the following people to Congress: 2010:  Robert Dold – R 2012:  Brad Schneider – D 2014:  Robert Dold – R 2016:  Brad Schneider – D There was… Continue Reading “Town Hall”

Discussing Gun Control and Other Important Matters

At a conference last week, I walked in to the hospitality suite to find a group watching Fox News. I almost turned around and left. Somehow, I landed in a discussion about gun control that led to my feverishly Googling for statistics on my… Continue Reading “Discussing Gun Control and Other Important Matters”

The Least I Can Do

The news broke last night that a Grand Jury determined not to indict the officer that shot Michael Brown to death in Ferguson, Missouri.  At about the same time, Marissa Alexander accepted a plea deal in Florida.  Ms. Alexander was facing decades in prison… Continue Reading “The Least I Can Do”

My Own Private Mind Tricks

(I am going to write about the vacation, I swear.  But I really want to get this out.) I read a lot of personal finance stuff online.  A lot. I don’t actually learn a heckuva lot these days, because the truth is that saving… Continue Reading “My Own Private Mind Tricks”

In Which I Learn to Insert Tweets

For those of you not in Chicago, there is a major construction project on a major highway heading into the city.  An entire bridge is being replaced, and if I understand correctly, the plan was for the road shutdown and detour to require only… Continue Reading “In Which I Learn to Insert Tweets”

“The Culture of Humiliation”

Many of my “real life” friends will recall that I laughed my head off when the Monica Lewinsky scandal broke, inasmuch as I couldn’t stand the Clintons. However, I always had some sympathy for Monica herself, particularly since she is my age and I… Continue Reading ““The Culture of Humiliation””


Compared to most women over on Twitter right now, I have exceptionally little to complain about.   I have never been raped.  I don’t walk around with any serious fear for my physical safety.  I had kind of chalked it up to the fact… Continue Reading “#YesAllWomen”

On Election Night

I am bouncing back and forth between returns and the Bulls game.  And some West Wing clips on YouTube. I left work a bit early to go vote.  The place was packed and the volunteer I spoke with said that in his nine years… Continue Reading “On Election Night”

The Great Rescue Debate

Emily Yoffe over at posted a piece last week about animal rescue groups.  She told a story that I have heard before.. someone wants to “do the right thing” and adopt from a rescue, but is so turned off by the process that… Continue Reading “The Great Rescue Debate”