The Blog of Note today on iGoogle was Ah the Possibilities!, written by Sarah.  She is a list maker and when a friend accused her of being “bossy” with her To Do List, she asked for opinions.

Her commenters were almost all list-makers.  I feel that I must speak for the minority:

OK, I do them sometimes.  When I feel like I have too much going on at the same time and I don’t want to miss anything.  When I want to feel like a responsible grown up.

But they are.  so.  boring.

I tried for awhile to make lists to go grocery shopping.  I seem to recall it was advice in a “How to Save More Money” column.  No kidding, I would leave the lists in the car.  I could remember to bring my reusable shopping bags, but the grocery list?  Forget it.  Then I tried putting the list in my bag before leaving the house.  I would walk around the grocery store with a list in my bag and not take it out even once.

When I returned to the office from being on the road, I made a To Do list.  That was two weeks ago and it isn’t finished yet.  Perhaps I am rebelling against The List.  Once a task is on The List, it becomes a chore.

Through the whole of my childhood, I don’t remember my mother ever giving me a To Do list.  (Maybe I have blocked it out.)  But at the same time, she is the type that will plan ahead for the route she will take to drive to the gas station.

I have done several personality profile things that call it by different names: Low Systematic, Unstructured, Spontaneous, Perceiving (as opposed to Judging), Cluster Thinking.   It is preference.  I still get to work every day.  I meet deadlines.  I am not late for appointments.  I just don’t like lists.

So.  Do I think list makers are bossy?  No.  Not unless they are trying to get me to use one.

For the 1,000th Post on This Stupid Blog

I have absolutely nothing to say.  I know some people that do an “Ask me any question and I will answer it” when they get to such milestones.  But my mother reads this thing.

Another January, another annual meeting.

I felt very busy while I was on vacation, and now that I am back on the road I am thinking of all these things that I didn’t get done:

  1. Allergy shot
  2. Take car for oil change
  3. Pack up CDs for storage (I am nearly all-digital!)
  4. Eyebrow wax (Sorry.  Different mirrors in different lighting make these things more important.)
  5. Leave instructions for the Care & Feeding of my pets
  6. Take magazines to Library
You get the idea.
Sometimes, stuff that I don’t do while on Christmas vacation doesn’t get done until Spring.  Or later.

Box Calendars Little Ways to Save Our Planet sucked.  I was so bored that I quit at September 6.  I just now tried to run through the rest of the year to see if there were any good tips and I gave up at November 9.  Here was a gem:

“Air transportation is now the fastest-growing source of carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere.  Instead of flying to a vacation destination, why not explore your local area?”

Shut.  Up.  And anyway, if you people were really serious about your tree-hugging, you wouldn’t have produced a daily box calendar.

Luckily, I found the 2011 version of the Book Lovers Calendar that Joy gave me a couple of years ago.  Not that I got around to reading the books from that list.  But it was fun to look at every day.

Now to go recycle this junk.

Assorted Chocolate

Boxes of Assorted Chocolates should be required to come with a decoder ring. Or something. are several boxes of these floating around my office this week and I find myself staring at them, trying to figure out which one has the caramel and which one has the icky creams and coconut fillings. I am told there is some way to tell from looking at the pattern on top of the chocolate piece, what type of filling is inside. But I am no such expert.

Back when we were gaming, our friend Rosalia worked at Godiva and would bring extra boxes of candy for us. Godiva always had a chart to tell you what you were getting.

At home, I use a knife, cut the thing open and don’t eat it if I don’t like what is inside. That still gives the next person a good twelve hours to eat the piece before it dries out.

Sometimes I miss living with my brother.

So today, I am just noshing on the chocolate cake.