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Week 18?

We are allowed back in the office..if we want. There are plenty of rules about masks, and checking in, and shared spaces, but absolutely none about coming and going. There were..four or five of us in this morning. Fewer in the afternoon. Time has… Continue Reading “Week 18?”

Too Tired.

And so is my dog.  My observation is that he is like a greyhound – either going 80mph or sacked out like a total slug.  But this amused me:


The Blog of Note today on iGoogle was Ah the Possibilities!, written by Sarah.  She is a list maker and when a friend accused her of being “bossy” with her To Do List, she asked for opinions. Her commenters were almost all list-makers.  I… Continue Reading “Lists”

Peachtree Street, 24 Hours After the Snow Fell

For the 1,000th Post on This Stupid Blog

I have absolutely nothing to say.  I know some people that do an “Ask me any question and I will answer it” when they get to such milestones.  But my mother reads this thing. Another January, another annual meeting. I felt very busy while… Continue Reading “For the 1,000th Post on This Stupid Blog”

Box Calendars Little Ways to Save Our Planet sucked.  I was so bored that I quit at September 6.  I just now tried to run through the rest of the year to see if there were any good tips and I gave up at November… Continue Reading “Box Calendars”

Assorted Chocolate

Boxes of Assorted Chocolates should be required to come with a decoder ring. Or something. are several boxes of these floating around my office this week and I find myself staring at them, trying to figure out which one has the caramel and which… Continue Reading “Assorted Chocolate”

More Star Wars Goofiness

Dooce posted this piece from Vimeo.  There is a decided lack of Han Solo.  But….it’s darling. Jeremy Messersmith – Tatooine from Eric Power on Vimeo.

Because I Don’t Want to Talk About Election Returns

I have heard that some dentists were doing a “swap your candy for” thing for kids.  But Noodles is doing it, too.  I would totally take Alex to do this, but I am sure he has figured out that he is not required to… Continue Reading “Because I Don’t Want to Talk About Election Returns”

Sometimes Facebook is the Answer

I became a Facebook convert because it put me back in touch with several people and it keeps me relatively current on the news.  Like Megan had her baby yesterday – a girl that she named Lillian.  I know because Erica posted it. But… Continue Reading “Sometimes Facebook is the Answer”