The Bookshelves

Since I had a dangerously high tower of unread books piled on the speaker next to my to-be-read bookcase, and since the Library’s Used Book Sale is in a couple of weeks, I decided to cull.  As in Donating Books I Haven’t Even Read Yet.

Who does that?

Well, I do.  Since most of the books I buy cost a dollar or two, it isn’t all that much of a waste.  And really, I was never going to read that sequel to Pride & Prejudice, anyway.  And that biography of Charles Lindbergh?   I’m no longer excited by it. 

I nearly pulled out that Ellroy novel, because utter_scoundrel informed me that it was the second in a series.  I won’t get to it for years.  First, I have to find the book that begins the series.  In a used book store for two dollars or less.  Then I have to decide that I am in the mood for Ellroy.  Then six more months will go by before I decide I am in the mood for more Ellroy.  Is it worth the space it will be taking up until then?  Eh.  I’ll ask myself again before the summer sale.  There is also a non-fiction about the Lusitania that I nearly pulled out, but then I remembered I actually borrowed it from my friend Eric.  Eleven years ago when I was living in the old apartment.

I cheated and pulled out a book on Jefferson and Hamilton.  I know I’m not going to read it, but it is lovely older piece – 1926 printing – that I can’t quite give away.  I shelved it in my real library and if anyone asks I will say, “I use it for reference purposes”.

I did so well that I think I might have room for three more new books on my seven shelf to-be-read bookcase.  Maybe if I did more reading and less blogging about reading….

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