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Discussing Gun Control and Other Important Matters

At a conference last week, I walked in to the hospitality suite to find a group watching Fox News. I almost turned around and left. Somehow, I landed in a discussion about gun control that led to my feverishly Googling for statistics on my… Continue Reading “Discussing Gun Control and Other Important Matters”

First Contact

Not long ago one of my people came in to my office to talk about her recruiting project.  She was starting to schedule interviews, but two of the five people she contacted hadn’t emailed her back.   Someone in her department suggested sending a follow… Continue Reading “First Contact”

In Which I Learn to Insert Tweets

For those of you not in Chicago, there is a major construction project on a major highway heading into the city.  An entire bridge is being replaced, and if I understand correctly, the plan was for the road shutdown and detour to require only… Continue Reading “In Which I Learn to Insert Tweets”

Winter Rant

My office building has revolving doors on each side.  There are, of course, handicapped accessible doors with the automatic opening button next to them.  These double as emergency exits. Some people like to use this door, because it is faster than using the revolving… Continue Reading “Winter Rant”

Political Rant

I’ve done some talking on this blog about my political identity.  I have referred to myself as a Cook County Republican, which means (to me) that I am a fiscal conservative and social liberal and can’t abide The Machine. The reality is that I… Continue Reading “Political Rant”

The State of Illinois Should be Ashamed

I’m not talking about the corruption, patronage and cronyisn.  I am talking about the apathy. One year ago, our governor (a Democrat) was impeached and removed from office.  Because the month before, he was indicted for attempting to sell the seat in the Senate… Continue Reading “The State of Illinois Should be Ashamed”

The Best Financial Advice I Have Ever Heard

Liz Pulliam Weston at MSN has updated her article on $500 in the bank.  It is the reason that I read MSN Money.  So many people that are trying to build an emergency fund are intimidated by the traditional advice – to save six months of expenses… Continue Reading “The Best Financial Advice I Have Ever Heard”

Another Rant about One’s Choice of Words

“I will return your call at my earliest convenience,” was part of the recorded message I received from a vendor’s voicemail. I once had a co-worker that had a similar outgoing message and it bothered me. Not the timing – I don’t expect people… Continue Reading “Another Rant about One’s Choice of Words”

Driving While Distracted

You might be aware that I can pontificate about fools behind the wheel all day. Back in my day, we were taught how we might identify a drunk driver: Driving very slowly Weaving in and out of the lane We were taught to hang… Continue Reading “Driving While Distracted”

Cell Phone Courtesy Month. Seriously.

According to Google, July is Cell Phone Courtesy Month. They gave us a link to a wikiHow on cell phone etiquette. Here is my favorite part: Don’t talk on the phone in any enclosed spaces, even if you’re more than 10 feet away from… Continue Reading “Cell Phone Courtesy Month. Seriously.”