A Quiet Night at the Library

And I guess I feel the need to start babbling.  First, the conspiracy against my ever trying to eat better and get some damn exercise:

I have long noted that there are a minimal number of places one can walk to for lunch from my office – so I spend way too much time at Taco Bell.  As the weather got better, I decided I was just going to go to the Starbucks down the street and get some oatmeal.  And a giant iced latte.  Starbucks is being renovated.

Fine.  I turned around to go to Jamba Juice to get some oatmeal.  Know what’s going in between Starbucks and Jamba Juice?  Meatheads.  Of the fresh cut cajun fries and cheese sauce.

And do you know what my mother said?

“Poor Joy.”

Apparently, I will be dragging Joy with me every time I have the urge for fresh cut cajun fries with cheese sauce.  I guess you don’t have a problem unless you eat cheese fries alone.

I did manage to walk a lap around Lake Glenview after work today.  I looked ridiculous in work clothes and gym shoes, but didn’t much care.  Except for the fear that the wind might catch my skirt the wrong way.  What are you supposed to do for that?  Sew rocks into the hemline or something.  As if.

The exterior of the new library is looking great.  Almost like the drawings.  And according to the website, the inside is starting to come together, too.  You can see inside the current building that shelves are starting to empty – the purge has begun.  I had a fit about a week ago, after hearing that some library employees were turning down donations to our Used Book Store “until the new building opens”.    We went from having absolutely nothing in storage to having half a dozen boxes and I don’t even know how many bags to sort.  I don’t want to think of what we might have missed.

In other news, two weeks from now, Alex and Ainslie’s sister will be here.  One at a time, I can handle.  Two is hard – toddlers have so much stuff.  Three?  Um.  Let’s just watch a movie.  Which leads me to:

Alex wanted to watch Sleeping Beauty.  I hardly remembered Sleeping Beauty, so I agreed.  We get all the way to the part where the princess meets the prince in the forest – which I seem to have blocked out.  Then I remembered the rest of the story..what with the princess-victim that has to be rescued by her one true love prince.

Dude.  I don’t want my nieces watching that!  So I asked Alex why he likes this movie.  He didn’t know.  Is it the singing?  No.  The bad guy?  “It’s a bad girl.”  And no, he doesn’t like her.  She isn’t funny.  Well, what?

Then the fairies started their little wand war and he laughed his head off.  And that was just about when I went home.


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