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The Vacation

It’s been over a month since I returned from Scotland and have discovered that I am past the point of being able to blog the pictures effectively.  So here are the highlights.  

Toronto: Day 3

I am sorry to say I am too tired to post about my day – the trip to Niagara Falls.  But I managed to upload the pictures, if not edit them.  Sorry about those people that got into my view.  I believe if you… Continue Reading “Toronto: Day 3”

The Official Photo Album – Hawaii 2010

I am home; had a horrid trip back.  Haven’t decided if that is worth writing about yet.  These are the pictures, if anyone cares to see the whole thing.  They really look better in full screen.  Couldn’t much be bothered to edit, so feel… Continue Reading “The Official Photo Album – Hawaii 2010”

Photography in Jackson Square

I tried to keep to something resembling my average weekend schedule while on vacation, so I was pretty much up and out around 8:30. As Rich and Jodi are rather nocturnal types, I was on my own for breakfast. Rule #1: Skip the beignets… Continue Reading “Photography in Jackson Square”

Back From Savannah

I felt stupid about not taking the picture of the fountain, so I went back on my last day in town. On the approach: And from behind: I just can’t get into it. I prefer the pictures from Fort Jackson. Joy and I went… Continue Reading “Back From Savannah”

Still Here

I’m still trying to get a decent picture of a container ship. Somehow, in my head, my nephew will get a kick out of seeing one. But I haven’t seen one in two days. That’s what one gets for sitting in meeting sessions. Although… Continue Reading “Still Here”

Tourist Pictures

Monday night Must See TV has messed me up so that I couldn’t even pretend to do homework. But I managed to talk the Blackberry into coughing up the pictures I took at St Bonaventure yesterday: I actually like these because they catch… Continue Reading “Tourist Pictures”

The Alex Collection

I was at my brother, Scott’s house today. My niece, Ainslie, aged three months, is just starting to dig the infant toys. So I was trying to get a decent shot on the camera phone: I was having a hard time because, you know,… Continue Reading “The Alex Collection”

The Camera Phone

Google has been linking to articles from “WikiHow”, the Wikipedia of “How to” stuff. Today they had “How to Take a Good Picture on Your Camera Phone”, which I clearly need. So here is my biggest problem: “Keep your hand steady as you press… Continue Reading “The Camera Phone”

Back from San Antonio

And I have decided that the Blackberry is good for the quick shots, but I just can’t use it for real. For example, the Convention Center has a big hallway with a bunch of statues of distinguished Texans. I learned that Eisenhower was pretty… Continue Reading “Back from San Antonio”