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As much as I support my local library, I often have trouble using it for its primary purpose – the borrowing of books.  Example: My book club is reading Bonk: The Curious Coupling of Science and Sex.  This is not a title that was… Continue Reading “Confession”

That Time of Year

Open Enrollment.  Three trips in three weeks.  Peppermint hot chocolate.  Spending too much money.   And taking off every Friday (that I am not on the road) so that I don’t “lose” my vacation time. I also start power-reading because I may or may not… Continue Reading “That Time of Year”

Plug from the Trib

My grandfather called to point me to this article about Glenview’s Library in the Chicago Tribune.  Most of it, I had heard before.  But not this: “Demand for library services at this suburban locale is continually increasing with new card registrations up 56 percent… Continue Reading “Plug from the Trib”

First Night Back

And the Library is packed.  I arrived early, and took a walk around.  The children’s room was buzzing.  And there were actual teens in the Teen Room.  It has booths in it, like a diner.  Not that food is allowed in there.  I am… Continue Reading “First Night Back”

Used Book Sales

I had just realized that I haven’t bought any books – new or used – since Labor Day Weekend.  It helped that my own  Library Used Book Store has been out of commission for the last month.  (Not that I’ve gotten much reading done.) … Continue Reading “Used Book Sales”

Glenview’s New Library – Day 1

I arrived early and parked in the commuter lot at the train station.  ‘Cause who wants to fight it?  And I caught a view that I hadn’t seen before, because it was behind the fence.  From Jackman Park: Again, I was early, so I… Continue Reading “Glenview’s New Library – Day 1”

The Grand Re-Opening

I was just getting ready to post about the re-opening of the Library – Saturday, 1pm – when the director of the Used Book Store sent me a link to an article. is a website that does local news and Glenview has its… Continue Reading “The Grand Re-Opening”

Counting Down

The first thing I noticed when I walked into the Library tonight was an empty bookcase.   And then another and another.  It appears that they have emptied all of the displays of featured books.  Like the Oprahs and the Wallflowers and my personal favorite,… Continue Reading “Counting Down”

E-Book Lending at the Public Library

Yesterday, Tim at LibraryThing posted an essay about the economics of e-book lending from public libraries. He did some research on the cost of lending and came to the conclusion that it probably wouldn’t work. By dividing number of books lent each year by… Continue Reading “E-Book Lending at the Public Library”

Book Club Bandwagon

Have you noticed there are bookclubs everywhere?  And bookclub websites everywhere.  I may have mentioned that my library offers a “book club in a bag” that includes ten copies of a book and a lending period of six weeks.  It is rather popular. My… Continue Reading “Book Club Bandwagon”