At the Library – Don’s Books

I was sorting through books at the Library tonight and found several books of history. The dust covers were covered in the protective plastic like the libraries use. But they weren’t ex-library books. Someone loved these books. Someone took the trouble to buy the covers-for-dust-covers and used them in his own library.

I use that stuff. I thought I might want to marry this person.

Then I opened the third book. It seems his name is Don and his wife bought him a book for Father’s Day in 1992.

Then I started to worry about him. Why did Don donate these perfectly lovely books? I am hoping that he just ran out of room in his library. But perhaps he died and his family donated his books.

I was reminded that every book is a story and every book has a story.

Sometimes I find a plane ticket inside. Or a store receipt. Or a weird bookmark.

And sometimes I find books that were loved. So thanks, Don. You made my night.

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