At the Library – Sale Weekend

I spent the better part of the day helping to set up for our Anniversary Sale. All books are half priced, except those listed on our Amazon web site. Basically, we hauled out all of the donated books that had been sitting on closets waiting for space to open up. My friend Carole and I listed books online while the other volunteers tried to bring the rest of the room to order. Carole and I had the easy job.

I just checked the website, and four of the books we listed today have already sold. Four! Plus two that I listed last night. I can’t tell you how exciting that is. Last Spring, for my Marketing class, I wrote a Marketing Plan for UBS. I set a hypothetical goal of 10% sales increase from 2007. My plan for getting there started with maintaining the 2007 level of in-store sales and doubling the online sales. If my math is correct, we are way ahead of schedule. And I am even happier to say that I am not the one buying all the books!

Last December, at our holiday sale. I bought twelve. Today, I am pleased to say, I walked out with only five.

So if you are around Glenview this weekend, stop by the Library (9-5 Saturday and 1-5 Sunday) . There are plenty of great books at bargain prices!

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