At the Library – Back Online

There are now seven volunteers reviewing donated books to price, and perhaps list online. We have nearly 300 titles on our Amazon page. Sometimes this is a bummer, like when I pulled out the book above. An “Idiot’s” book! Surely it is worthless and I shall have it myself for a dollar.

No. Amazon sells them for 11.00 new and as of this afternoon, ours was the only used copy available. Had to be listed.

The good news is that with so many reviewers, I feel less pressured to go through as many as humanly possible in an evening shift. Because this week, my back was still hurting and I just wanted to read. So I compromised and went through one box. I listed three books. Bought two for myself. Then settled down to read my own.

What luxury. Last semester, I had been in the habit of spending 90 minutes going through donations and 90 minutes doing my homework. By the time May came around, there were so many books to go through that I skipped studying for my final exam! I am confident that won’t happen again.

We’ve had a pretty productive summer at the UBS, I think. And I hope we can keep it all up when the school year starts again!

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