At the Library – Paperback Surprises

I pulled out a box of donations to sort and, hopefully, list at our Amazon Store. The box had some promising looking hardcover books and a whole bunch of paperbacks. The paperbacks are welcome right now (we don’t normally have enough space to keep them all around) because next weekend we will have a table at the Glenview Street Sale , and we plan to bring the paperback for sale.

Paperback books are generally not worth enough to sell online, but these books were not familiar to me in any Danielle Steele/Oprah’s Book Club/John Grisham way so I looked one up on Amazon. $12.00. I sift through the rest of the pile. There is a theme – mystery novels set in ancient Rome.

The Mysteries of Ancient Rome. Wasn’t that a TimeLife Book? Is that a real genre?

There were three authors: Lindsey Davis, Steven Saylor and Wilbur Smith. I think Smith was ancient Egyptian mysteries, though. I listed four from Davis.

It is sometimes hard to justify spending the time looking up the value of every last paperback novel. But the moral of the story is that sometimes you stumble onto a gem. And I’m thinking that someone living in Oregon or Montana that likes the Mysteries of Ancient Rome will be very happy.
Edit: And by dinner time on Friday, someone in California had bought one.

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