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At the Library – On the Web Site

Our Used Book Store is both dependent on and for the benefit of the Library. We don’t want to be troublesome to the Library staff, so we try to be careful not to ask for too much. I wrote a page on the Used… Continue Reading “At the Library – On the Web Site”

At the Library – The Street Sale

Friends of the Glenview Library will be at the street sale during the Glenview Summer Festival on June 28. The street sale is basically vendors with tables outside on the street, but it attracts a pretty big crowd. I hate crowds, so I haven’t… Continue Reading “At the Library – The Street Sale”

The Happy Hollisters

The other night at the Library, I spent a whole bunch of time individually listing a bunch of old children’s books for sale on Amazon. The Happy Hollisters was a mystery series and the books I saw were from about 1955 – 1965. Great… Continue Reading “The Happy Hollisters”

New Library Link

I have included a new link on the sidebar to the Storefront of the Library’s Used Book Store. I don’t think Amazon customers are likely to have “Favorite Sellers” the way they do on eBay, but I am hoping to at least post it… Continue Reading “New Library Link”

At the Library – Autographed Books

On Thursday nights, Library traffic is pretty low. Last night I logged in $3 in sales – and one of those was my own. So spending my time listing books for sale online makes a lot of sense. I may have mentioned that we… Continue Reading “At the Library – Autographed Books”

Library Used Book Sale

The dates have been set for the Glenview Public Library’s Used Book Sale – July 12-13. This lovely sketch was on the library website. I believe it is the original plan that was presented for approval two years ago. I also believe we have… Continue Reading “Library Used Book Sale”

Back at the Library

I hadn’t been at the Library in three weeks. Online sales seemed to have dried up while I was out, so I arrived early, anxious to get started. Stacy, another volunteer who was working the earlier shift, said that a couple of kids with… Continue Reading “Back at the Library”

Used Books Online

I was just lamenting that my travel schedule is picking up and I will be leaving both the Library and the Refuge short-handed while I do my real job. Then I happened to log in to the Used Book store’s Amazon account and saw… Continue Reading “Used Books Online”

Typical Night at the Library

I pulled into the parking lot at the library last night, and had a hard time finding a space. That’s good – mean’s they’re busy and more likely to generate sales for the Used Book Store. I walked in and looked at our downstairs… Continue Reading “Typical Night at the Library”

Spring Cleaning

Do you have a “to be read” pile of books? Mine is a seven shelf bookcase. And yesterday it was full up. Well – full up except for the small corner where I keep a small portrait that a friend painted of one of… Continue Reading “Spring Cleaning”