At the Library – Technical Difficulties

When I arrived at the Library, I found a note from our director saying that the laptop was broken. She left me hers so that I could list books on our Amazon site. I wouldn’t leave my laptop with my own grandmother.

Actually, when I wrote my Marketing Plan last semester for the Used Book Store, I put the crashing of the laptop down as one of the Threats. As in Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and.

We are a small budget operation using a donated computer (which I do believe also belonged to our director). If the laptop crashed and died, I could just bring in my own. But the rest of the volunteers might not have the luxury. And I can’t tell you how much better sales and inventory control have gotten since we have more people reviewing the donations. So the old laptop is being repaired.

In other Library News, the ground breaking ceremony for the new building is set for November 1. That is actually moved up a week from the last I heard. And the Holiday Book Sale is set for December 6-7. Which reminds me that I have to update the web site.

And make some more labels for the shelves. There really is always something to do.

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