Dorky Washington Story

Everyone and their dogs knew the President was passing through town to vote early.  And yesterday, my Twitterfeed went insane with sightings of Marine One.  I started to roll my eyes and think, “Seriously?  …..”  The thought didn’t fully form in my head before I smacked it down as being all hipster/bitch and… utter hypocrisy.

When I was in Washington a couple of weeks ago, I stood in C’s office looking out her window because she has a view (albeit obstructed) of the National Mall.  I spotted four helicopters.

Me:                        C – why are there four helicopters flying across the Mall?

C:                           Because the President is in one.

Me:                         (thinking)  Oh, sure.  Decoy ship.

C:                           So be sure to shoot down the right one.

Me:                         (blinking hard)

Then S walked in the room.

Me:                       S, check it out.  The President’s helicopter.

S:                          Be sure to shoot down the right one.

Now, I know for sure that at least one of these ladies is voting to re-elect, so this was not at all hostile.  Must be some weird Washingtonian humor.  But I felt icky.  And all provincial midwestern.  So I will not be mocking anyone that was all jazzed to see Marine One.

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